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Not much pictures of Internet marketers today – instead here are some of the pictures I didn’t upload before.

We rented a Mazda 6 for a day, which comes with GPS. Having the GPS certainly made life easier for us to get around! Unfortunately for me my driving license expired just a few days earlier so Melvin and Vince drove…

Damn I wished I renewed my license BEFORE I got on that plane!


Yum yum, our own personal chef making some tasty quesidilas…

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called “El Amigo” and the food there was excellent. This is the real deal, and I thought I knew what Mexican food was all about after eating in Malaysia. We had some fajitas, enchiladas, and a whole lot of other stuff I can’t really remember..


And not to forget the margaritas 🙂


We also found some time for some shopping, at Gilroy Premium Outlets. This is a massive chain of super-brand stores in one central location. You can get ANY brand name item here, usually at a lower price than anywhere else in San Francisco.

We noticed something about American architecture – they like to build single-storey shops instead of shopping malls like in Malaysia. The stores are usually huge and unique, each store having it’s own exterior and interior design. So the landscape is filled with low-rise buildings scattered over a huge area, with lots of open air parking lots. You don’t have to circle the parking are five times and stalk people to find a spot!