Yummy… one of the things I rally loved about San Francisco is the great food. I mean just look at that, awesome roasted pork ribs was so huge I had to share it with Melvin. Food here comes in extra large helpings and although I’m a poor eater in Malaysia, I have no problem finishing my food here.


Just 5 minutes walk from Mariott is a restaurant called “The Elephant Bar” – and that’s where we went for the past 2 days. There’s so much great food here, we didn’t mind waiting for 15 minutes to be seated.


Here’s Dan Moses from PageSwirl.com and ProTrackerPlus.com – I’m Dan’s subscriber and past customer. His PageSwirl program is a free tool you can use to rotate ads, links, and even create co-op ads if you’re in the online MLM industry. ProTrackerPlus is a split-testing software that you can use to track ROI, ads ad almost everything else in your online business.


Jeff Wellman from LayoffYourBoss.com – Jeff is Keith Wellman’s dad and trust me if you didn’t know that you could have mistaken him for Keith’s elder brother. Jeff’s full of energy and he’s really great to have around. I heard that Jeff’s product sold more than 10,000 copies…


Alejandro Reyes, a friend of a friend, and past of Simon Leung’s Adwords team.


Odinn Sorensen from ZeroEffortGraphics.com


The Mulac family, Stephanie and Greg (top), Morgan (four) and Marina (six). Go to 90PercentAttitude.com for more information on this amazing Internet marketing family.


Former Google employee turned Adwords Optimization guru, Simon Leung from AdwordsOptimization.com shed some light on how to optimize Google Adwords for your business. Adwords is a great way to get traffic to your sites, but if you’re just getting into it today, please do get a book or attend a seminar about it or you may end up losing some money in your trial-and-error process!


Kristi Sayles (left) from TalkWithExperts.com – Kristi did an interview with us on making money from firesales, and you may see much more of this dynamic woman especially since she’s considering doing Internet marketing full time.

Paulie Sabol (right) is part of the World Internet Main Event team.


Toki Tover from AffiliateListMagic.com from San Jose, California. See also, TokiTover.com


Michael Cheney from AdsenseVideos.com who is from the UK by the way. I knew Michael Cheney when I exchanged links with his Senority.co.uk website, which goes to show that every contact you make in your Internet business is extremely valuable!

So ends day 2 of WIME 🙂

Actually there are a lot more pictures, but I’ll just show you the important ones tomorrow.