Yesterday, I did a old-school teleseminar with the awesome folks at Project Starfish, and the result in an hour-long, jam-packed revelation of 8 work at home options anyone can tap into in 2016 and beyond.

It’s been a while since I did a teleseminar, where you have to dial in to a number, and is audio-only. Nowadays, most marketers would use something like GoToWebinar to share their screens, chat with participants, and even sell products.

The problem with old-school teleseminars is disruption: every time someone joins or leaves the call, you hear a beep. There’s also lack of controls for the admin to mute or unmute participants, so you get the random participant who joined late and starts talking or doing a mic test 🙂

That being said I think teleseminars are still a great way for Project Starfish participants to learn from various experts all over the world. Most of yesterday’s participants were extremely happy with the content and the in-depth explanations on how to work from home, and how much money you can realistically expect to earn.

About Project Starfish

logo_final1-011Project Starfish is an organization that serves people with disability, yet have the talent and motivation to work and live a great life.

According to their website:

We are the world’s #1 virtual, inclusive, integrated and contemporary workforce development platform for professionals with disabilities, veterans and those who need a second chance to a professional life. We solve unemployment problems by creating industry aligned work experience and empowerment. We create repeatable opportunities and we are not dependent on anyone’s charity, donations and handouts!

According to them 79% of people with disabilities are unemployed. Yet, organizations are constantly looking for people with talent to fill up important positions, or work with freelance.

Project Starfish helps these two sides find each other with various activities and initiatives. This was actually my second call with them, the first one was not recorded.

** My audio levels are way higher and the quality is way better than every one else because this was recorded directly from my pro microphone. So please adjust your volume accordingly.