Why Are You Only Selling To Malaysians?

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One thing I noticed about a lot of people selling information products in Malaysia; they design and create a product for the Malaysian market. This is ok if the topic applies only to the Malaysian market (for example what I did with Chapter-M or like Steven Wong’s Credit Card Solution), but if the topic is universal you should really consider designing it for the international market.

The reason is pretty obvious:

  • A much bigger market - Sometimes there just isn’t a big enough market online for the topic of your e-book, if it’s just focused on Malaysians. However when you make it global, the size of the market and hence your potential customers increase dramatically.
  • Higher income per sale - If you sell an ebook for RM20, just change it to the dollar sign (USD) and I’m pretty sure the global market would be stepping on each other to buy it. Sometimes just by making small changes to your existing e-book, you can easily earn 3 times more per sale and triple your yearly income.
  • Longer product life - You have to understand that for every product, only 1-4 people out of every hundred people who visit your site ends up buying your product. So if your product is targeted at a Malaysian market only for which there is less than 1,000 potential buyers online, after a few weeks your product is as good as dead.

Here’s what I recommend you do.

  • If your product is about making money online, make it relevant to the international market. My product WordPress Adsense System has been producing about 18-30 sales a month, every month, since August 2006. If I wrote this in BM it would have already reached every potential buyer in a few months, after which it would have been considered old. Sure, there are new people coming online every day who may be interested, but in Malaysia alone the market is too small.
  • If your product is Islamic in nature, why not target other Islamic countries as well. Our neighbor Indonesia has about 10 times the population of Malaysia and it wouldn’t be too hard to get someone to create a version for them, would it?
  • If your product is only for Malaysians, at least have 2 versions,one in English and another in BM. Don’t just create a BM version and lose the opportunity to sell to those who would not want to read it in BM.

Make no mistake about it.

Selling to an all-Malaysian crowd will make you money. It’s not wrong to do it, just don’t do it at the expense of earning a better income is USD from a bigger market,especially when the possibility is just a few clicks away!

At the Internet Millionaires Bootcamp, I teach you how to do both. I have experience creating information products both for the local market, and for an international audience. I know based on my success (and failures) exactly how to design for each market, and address each differently.

At the bootcamp, we’ll go through some examples from my own products, and a step-by-step guideline on creating popular, profitable information products. Make sure you attend it.


  • Ok, Lina thank 4 the info…

  • lina says:

    i am not agree with you all. The male also shop but in different platform like lelong. They are more interested in IT gadgets or cars etc. While women prefers branded cosmetics, rejected perfumes or tudung that can be found online. The bis matter is what is the hot product and start do the market research to get the real stat. Then find the USP before consider weather it can sell easily for Malaysian or not.

    Want more opinion?? OK
    1. Young Malaysian are getting better Internet savvy so they are more interested in digital products and coaching program

    2. For mid age, they prefer to focus on B2c or B2B online, since they already have established business out there

    3. I think Malaysian need more exposure and knowledge over the advantage of Internet…the real benefit that thay never know before…!!


  • I read somewhere but didn’t remember….

  • Yes….may be the info product regarding loss fat, fesyen….and etc.

  • Blog Tactic says:

    @ FaridSulaiman, if female are the majority buyers, then the only product we can sell is beauty products and supplementary. But this market is quite saturated.

  • lina says:

    i missed the bootcamp! When is the next?



  • Most of Malaysia internet user are female, range of age between 15 to 40 (I guess). So this your target market and you can sell anything to a women cause they love to shop.

    Let’s get our guru’s opinion? So Gobalakrishnan what do you think?

  • Blog Tactic says:

    Talking about selling product, what is the popular product that Malaysian like to purchase online ?

  • It, Great! You give me confidence to do it, don’t stop giving us more tips and advice. All the best to you.

  • Kenneth says:

    Awesome tips, I do get confuse with this matter to sell to the world or just Malaysia. Now I know what to do.. Thanks Gobala

  • Where did you get that stats?

  • While its true women shop more than men, but online shopping sometimes requires “impulse” purchases. I think men are more likely to buy online stuff as they hate the whole shopping experience. But thats just my opinion, wish I had better stats.

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