jomniaga affiliate marketing

When you start your first e-commerce business in Malaysia, you probably have a very optimistic view of the future. You believe that all you need to do is setup your e-commerce store and almost overnight you’ll be making sales, set on your way to becoming a millionaire.

I don’t blame you. This is a very common problem that I had to overcome myself, and it’s partly due to the “overnight success stories” we see so often in newspapers and on the Internet.

But as soon as that e-commerce store goes live and you have zero income after a week, you start to realize the reality:

  • You cannot become rich if you’re not making any sales.
  • You cannot make any sales if you are not getting any web traffic
  • You cannot get any web traffic if you do not promote your site
  • You cannot promote your site unless you know Internet marketing
  • You cannot learn Internet marketing in a few weeks or months

I think you get it now – without the knowledge and ability to generate traffic, your e-commerce business will never succeed.

But how can you get traffic? There are tons of ways of course, from free methods to paid methods, but I prefer just one method: affiliate marketing.

Here are 5 reasons why.

You Do Not Need to Learn Internet Marketing

Many people fall into the trap of “DIY Internet Marketing” – they think they can (and should) learn Internet marketing themselves so that they can avoid paying others to market their products and services. The problem is, Internet marketing is a huge topic, and as I said there are many methods to generate traffic.

There is SEO, blogging, social media, Google AdWords and a myriad of other techniques, and you’ll spend months (if not years) trying to even understand them all. And during that time, you’re not going to be making any sales!

On the other hand, if you decide to use affiliate marketing as a way to make sales, you do not need to worry about learning Internet marketing tactics. There are many affiliates out there who are already good at some (or all) of the traffic methods I mentioned. They can send you traffic and sales instantly, and you only need to pay them for each sales they generate.

You Do Not Need To Pay Anything Upfront

As a product owner or seller, you can advertise your website in order to get traffic. However, there’s a huge cost involved if you decide to use traditional media like newspapers, radio ads, TV ads and other print media.

All those services require you to pay a huge sum up-front, and do not provide you with any way to track the effectiveness of their ads. If you’re a big multi-national company with millions of dollars to spend on mindless “brand awareness” campaigns, it’s not a big deal. But for small companies with tight cash flows, this is not a smart move.

You Do Not Need To Assume Big Risks

Since you do not have to pay upfront for marketing, your risks are much lower. Unlike traditional media advertising, you do not have to pay an affiliate unless they generate a sale for you. Using the “pay per sale” model in JomNiaga, you can specify a commission rate for your products, and affiliates will send you high quality traffic that are interested in your products.

Since you will only pay them for sales generate, you are assuming zero risk. There’s no way you can end up losing money.

You Have More Time To Focus On Your Business

Did you forget that you have an actual business to run? You still have to manage product quality, delivery, customer support, expansion into new countries, manage employees, deal with regulations, and build relationships with your suppliers.

If you focus your efforts just in trying to get traffic and make sales, then you’ll end up with a very poor business. With affiliate marketing, you let the affiliates worry about making sales while you improve other aspects of your business. If you do that successfully, your business will grow very quickly and get to the point where organic customer referrals will bring in even more sales.

You Can Benefit From Social Relationships

It will be very difficult for you to convince a stranger to buy your product. But that same stranger would be much more open to your offer if he received a recommendation from a friend.

This is one of the advantages of affiliate marketing that you will not get with SEO or other types of advertising. It’s the ability to influence different groups of people using recommendations, product reviews and endorsements by leading affiliates.

So how do you get started with affiliate marketing?

For Malaysia, the best way is to sell your products through We have over 7,500 affiliates (at the time of writing) who are waiting for great products to promote. If you can create a decent website that is effective at getting sales, then these affiliates would be working day and night to bring you traffic and customers.

To get started with JomNiaga, register as a user and submit your website URL to us. We also organize an e-commerce workshop from time to time that you can attend at a very low cost to learn more about JomNiaga and how we can help you.