Recently, I was in Penang for the Cuti Santai event and met up with a lot of great Internet marketers from Malaysia. On the final day I decided to visit Exabytes’ office in Bayan Lepas, with Zamri Nanyan.

Probably the largest web hosting company in Malaysia, I admire Exabytes for their success and thought I can get some inspiration by visiting their office.



Their office was reasonably huge and looks cool, as you may expect for a technology company.

Exabytes has an affiliate program (they call it Angel Program) that you can join to promote their web hosting services. In fact they have two separate programs, one for the international market and the other for the Malaysian market.

My goal for this year is to grow our company as big as possible, with a big project to keep our growth rate up, and smaller projects to provide valuable cash flow. For that reason alone, the visit to Exabytes truly inspired me to push forward and achieve bigger things in 2011.