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Posted by | April 6, 2010 | General | 8 Comments

While my first software project suffers from some unplanned delays and more missed deadlines, I would probably be better for me to talk about something than nothing at all.

So let me mention a project that my friend Kidino is working on, UploadnSell.com

It’s a software application that helps you sell digital products online, and currently works only with PayPal. Although there are other systems you can use to sell online, UploadNSell.com makes it look very easy.


From the main screen itself, instead of asking you to create an account first, it asks you to create your first product. Just select a few files, put in your price details, enter your PayPal email address and support email, and you’re ready to go.

Give it a try here, using the main (free) version: http://www.uploadnsell.com

I’d like to hear your feedback, what you think about a simple software application like this.

I actually learned a lot from Kidino about creating software, and although BlogSell.com may be delayed a bit, it’s definitely making progress.


  • Kidino says:

    That’s the plan

  • Yeok Heng says:

    @Kidino: Great to hear that. Perhaps you can create another premium service where seller have to pay a small amount of money. Then, there is no advertisement and seller have some other advance features. Just my opinion.

  • Kidino says:

    @Yeok Heng, don’t worry much about it. First, from the Buy Link, your customers will know that this is powered by UPLOADnSELL.com. So it won’t be a shock to them to see that the download page is too powered by UPLOADnSELL.com. Furthermore, the ads appear on the download page, which is after they’ve made payment to you. I believe our designs were created with the customers in mind too… it won’t be too much to the extent that it will annoy customers.

  • Yeok Heng says:

    This is a great site, I hope it can provide this service forever. However, there is some doubt of the free service. It claims that there will be advertisement in the download page. So, will the ads actually annoyed the customer?

  • Nithiyaah says:

    Hi, great post. Congrats to our friend Kidino. Keep up the good work Kidino and GK bro don’t worry, of course your blogsell.com gonna hit the market! You are guys gonna show the entire world that Malaysian Marketers also can do it! Once again, congrats and god bless to all of you! Take care and keep up the good work! :-)

  • Neat selling tool! It’s not only easy but it’s also free…

    Many digital product creators suffer from having their products stolen by using static links. Surprisingly, many are not aware of this issue and wonder why they’re not making sales.

    As for those who are aware of the problem but not sure what to do, especially beginners, simply putting a warning on unauthorized download will never stop irresponsible people from doing either. I think a software like UploadNSell will definitely be a big help in providing a solution to this.

  • Cool, UPLOADnSELL.com is making headlines…!!

    Though none of us really sit down and planned this, GK and I sure are moving in the same directions when it comes to Internet marketing. ;) Been reading your blog too GK….

    I appreciate the blog post, GK. And thanks for this.

    And I am looking forward to hearing feedbacks too. So if you are GK readers, subscribers, customers, etc… feel free to tell me that you are when communicating with us over at our Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter.


  • Matthew says:

    Hi Gobala,

    I like your idea. Is it possible to ask for emails/leads when someone lands on your page before transfered the link to the vendor eg clickbank. Secondly, is there a way for us to keep track when a sales is confirmed (like clickbank). I have been looking for these answers in internet but could not find.

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