Turn Your Yearly Income Into Your Hourly Income

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I hate goal-setting. I still do.

I think I picked up the hatred while wasting my time in countless MLM programs. I had to set a goal to make a million bucks when I didn’t even know how to make my first dollar.

However when I met Alex Mandossian in May 2006, I found a whole new meaning to goal-setting. That day Alex thought me a simple, yet powerful goal-setting technique. Here it is:

  1. Step 1 – Turn your Yearly income into your Quarterly income.
  2. Step 2 – Turn your Quarterly income into your Monthly income.
  3. Step 3 – Turn your Monthly income into your Weekly income.
  4. Step 4 – Turn your Weekly income into your Daily income.
  5. Step 5 – Turn your Daily income into your Hourly income.

I know it sounds silly, but think about it. Can you, if you REALLY tried, turn your Yearly income into your Quarterly income?

If you’re making $20 a month on the Internet, you’re making $240 a year. If you really worked hard, with the proper direction, can you make $240 in a Quarter (3 months) instead of a year?

Step 1 will be your most difficult, as it involves a lot of self-belief. But it can be done. When I made a kamikaze move to quit my job and get full time into Internet marketing, I made $729 in my full time job as an account exec, and about $600 a month from the Internet.

I decided to take a pay cut, and try to survive on $600 a month. In other words my income reduced by $729.

I asked myself “What is the worst that can happen? Will I be begging on the streets?”

The answer was NO. With that realization, I found new confidence to do what I thought was right. So I quit my meaningless job.

In May 2006 I turned my Yearly income into my Quarterly income.


In fact, together with my other sources of affiliate & Adsense income I made $3,310 that month and slightly less for the next two months.

So I achieved Step 1. I turned my yearly income ($7,200) into my quarterly income.

So the next step for me is to turn my Quarterly income ($7100) into my Monthly income. I am determined to do it.


If I can make $3173 in four days, I think I’m ready to move to the next level. If I can make $7100 in a month, then I would have achieved Step 2.With the WordPress Adsense System I am confident of even exceeding that target…

I can’t talk about Step 3 – 5 because I haven’t been there yet. According to Alex Mandossian, who did, you’ll look back at the entire process and see things in a new light. Everything will seem easier.

I can understand this… when I was studying in college it seemed impossible to cope with everything. Now college life seems like a holiday.

So if you’re disappointed with what you’re making on the Internet, and have no idea how to make more, follow this simple 5-step goal setting strategy.

It’s simple and motivating at the same time. Plus, it’s RELATIVE. Instead of setting your goals according to what others earn, you’re setting a relative goal against what you’re currently earning.

Forget about what others earn or claim to earn. Challenge yourself to double YOUR income according to the 5-step plan.

Better Your Best – it’s the best (and only) goal-setting strategy I follow.

All the best :)


  • Shekhar says:

    The Last line is what is needed to get going… Better your best or what I use to say Better than the best is what will make one move ahead. This post is old but really good Starting point for anyone who is beginning the action… as I am funneling by site. thanks a TON for this…

  • @ Margo

    It is not easy to be an expert on something, which I think is the case here with people who can’t seem to be able to pick a niche. I think you can pat yourself on the back if you actually knew something in depth, it looks like all those “useless” or weird hobbies I had, are of some use after all!

  • Margo Vaughn says:

    I don’t understand why people have such a hard time picking a niche. To the point, of asking someone else to pick their niche for them. what are you interested in? What do you think you could write 100 articles on, even if you have to go to the library and study and write on. No one can tell you what niche to start in. Pick something you’re interested in. Do some keyword research with a research tool, and start a wordpress blog. Get some ads up. Start somewhere! Then fine tune it. If you can’t even pick a niche by yourself, you will never make it!

  • May Ong says:


    This is what I would do if I was you.

    a. Join an internet marketing seminar/workshop and learn about various internet marketing concepts. Join Forums or Subscribe to eNewsletters;

    b. After that, decide which online marketing concept you like to start with;

    c. List down 5 of your passions/topic you like;

    d. Put up a Blog and write on the chosen topic;

    e. Join some Affiliate programs and promote them in your blog;

    f. Read more and learn more online strategies from other internet marketers.

    May Ong
    Blogging Coach & Trainer

  • Manidip Chakraborty says:

    Hi Gobala

    I think I need to find first the business model, right?
    If so then I want something to sell(books/health product/electricals ….) through a website.

    Then you please guide me in detail about that , how to ?

    I am just going and searching all your article and excited but can’t able to start.Just disillusioned.Please help me.

    Thank You

  • Manidip Chakraborty says:

    Hi Gobala

    Millions of thanks to you because atleast I have managed to get a reply from you.

    Actually I didn’t get about which list you are talking about.

    By the way :
    1. I love to watch TV and specially businessChannel.
    Specially the programme of home shop network.
    The product , the site (homeshop18.com)

    2. Another thing attracts me is ‘COOCKING’.I really
    Love this.Generally I watch S.Kapoor’s receipie.
    But that doesn’t mean I can create receipie myself

    3. I also Love to gain knowledge in health related
    products.May be on TV , Mags etc…
    Specially ‘Ancient Ayurveda’

    4. Music turns me on everytime.

    5. I love to read Self-motivation books , mags.

    I think now you got the Idea of my Likings.Please Guide me.
    You are now the only hope sir, please understand.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

  • Manidip Chakraborty says:

    Hi Gobala
    You look like an Indian.
    I am from India.I think I am in the category of “niwbie by choice”.Let me elaborate.
    I am “trying” to get success in internet marketing business for nearly about 2 years.But still I didn’t able to start this in real.I mean it “in real”.
    Actually I know a fair bit of Adsense,Adwords,Article Marketing,Blogging etc….

    Adsense: Need A website
    Adwords: Too Costly
    Article :Not a born writer.
    Blogging:No Topic which I am Passionate about.

    Actually I am earning right now $100 per month.As I am the only member earning in my family , it is very difficult to compete in adwords or PPC.
    Now my family needs are getting higher and higher , so please believe me I am just exausted.I need to take rest to get rid off from my nightmare of family burden.It is now untolerable.

    I request you to help me atleast to get $100 per month more to fullfill my family needs.I do not want car , home at all. I just want my family to stand firm in the crowd. That’s it.
    Will you please do me a favour by helping me to get there.If you say type your name thousand times I will do that blindly.
    Please help me.

    1.I am not able to find my niche.
    2. I am weak in english.
    3. I am not a good writer.
    4. Adwords is too costly.
    5. Really love to be affiliate.

    After reading this you might think that my callibre is all against to become successfull internet marketer,Right ?
    But I can’t help it.
    So please please guide me sir step by step.
    I promise I will follow you blindly.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards
    Manidip Chakraborty

  • gobala says:

    Hi Ong,

    The cheapest way is to build a single website, and make money from Google Adsense. You can also add a few affiliate programs here and there. It should cost you not more than $50 a year.

    Over the long term, you should have at least one product of your own..

    The most effective way as I discovered, is to plan what you need to do, and let others do it for you. You must also invest in software that makes your workload lighter…

    Outsourcing and automation is the key to an Internet business..

  • Ong says:

    Dear Gobala,

    A very good day to you. I’m new here to the internet marketing world. I have always have difficulties setting up a Click Bank account until I found your site. many thanks for your recommendiations and advices.

    One thing that I want to ask is, as a complete beginner, what is the cheapest and most effective way to earn money on the internet? Can you give some advice? Thanks


  • sham says:

    Hi Gobala,

    Wah..another success product from you..$3173.20 in 4 days.. I think i cannot catch up you now.. Gobala you are the best!

  • andrew wee says:

    something like a step by step guide to achieving yr goals.
    insert like 3 case studies in there to illustrate yr points.
    else you can do one 100-120pg ebook,
    have bonuses to include 3 case studies of 10-20pgs each.
    can see how derek gehl package his IMC stuff, else the way anthony robbins packaged the case studies in ‘unlimited power’ are both good examples to follow.
    drop me an email if you’d like to follow up further.
    i am focus more on content creation (quality blogging, ebooks, article mktg) in the long term.

  • gobala says:

    modelling blueprint? hmmm… sort of like a case study? that’s a great idea :)

  • andreww says:

    I heard Alex mention the same thing too when he was in Singapore.
    However, your illustration brings a new reality to the formula.
    Yep, a results-focused approach will be powerful, rather than just time planning without tangible results.

    Onward and upward, man!

    PS: perhaps you can keep notes and launch a modelling blueprint once you’ve reached step 3 or 4.

  • Kit says:

    Hi Gobala,

    Thanks for the strategy as i think is great.. I highly agree with other readers on your efforts too!

  • gobala says:

    Hi Robotys

    Thank you, and I do read your blog on a regular basis as well…

  • I hate goal setting too as it seemed so unreachable. Perhaps is the mindset However thanks for sharing this simple and effective method.

  • Robotys says:

    Thanks Mr. Gobala for sharing this tips. It really open my eye (so wide that its hurt!) . I feel quite discourage recently but thanks to you, today i feel very different . I don`t know why but whenever you post something, that something will somehow affecting my life. And it is a pleasure to be your “Pembaca Tegar” (loyal reader) . Thanks Bro!

  • Steven says:

    Yes Bala,

    I agree with you, better the best … kept challenge with your current existing achievement.

    You know what, this morning I just listened to interview with T. Harv Eker by Alex Mandossian. In the audio recording, T. Harv Eker mentioned that, being comfortable and being rich is a totally different thing. If you want to be comfortable you will never be rich, and you want to be rich, you can’t be comfortable.

    I am in the midst of moving my hosting server for my blog, once that is done, I will put up the interview, you can listen from my blog. It is a very good interview I ever hear so far.

  • Since you have so many problems, my suggestion is: (1) list 5 things that you CAN do (2) do it and (3) do it again

  • I mean 5 things that you can do for your ONLINE BUSINESS, not how you spend your free time. I think you already know what I mean but you’re too lazy to think. Regarding your post above, I think what you need is a change in attitude from being so negative about everything, to being positive about what you CAN do. Otherwise just get a job, there people will tell you what to do. In a business you need to think for yourself.

  • Manidip Chakraborty says:

    Hi Gobala

    Thank you for reply and little bitter to read also .
    But It is all real.Thank you for that also.

    One thing to confirm that I am not lazy sir but too skeptical for sure.That’s because the little money I have.

    Now What I can do : Affiliate Marketing passionately.
    I know about Clickbank , C J process.
    But failed to choose any niche.Please Guide me first about the niche.

    Should I make a wordpress blog right now or later ?

    Again sir I am not lazy but just sort of knowledge.
    I am there to really do hardwork.You can test me.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

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