Top 10 "Must Have" Internet Business Software for 2007

Posted by | August 6, 2007 | General | 2 Comments

I would be completely lost and burnt out by now if not for my strong belief in the usage of software to automate my Internet business, or just make it a little bit easier.

Allow me to list 10 of such, that has helped me in the first half of 2007:

  1. Aweber ($17 / month) – At the moment, this is the ONLY autoresponder and email management software I use. If you want to build a big mailing list, forget DIY scripts and just Aweber. You can’t go wrong within this software.
  2. GoTryThis ($47) – I use this to track ALL my affiliate marketing activities. I don’t send out a direct link links anymore since I got GTT Black Hat. The White Hat version is more than enough for simple affiliate marketing tasks.
  3. WordPress (Free) – Powers almost all my blogs. Although it was sort of difficult to use in the past, with the latest update things just got a whole lot easier.
  4. Amember ($147) – Membership site software, which I use in Internet Millionaires Club – I like this so much I have one spare license.
  5. Feedburner (Free) – I have no idea how to create an RSS feed, or how to manage on. All I know if where to find it, and I leave the rest to Feedburner.
  6. Kayako ($29/month) – At the point where I was getting 20-40 emails a day, I invested in Kayako and it has been one of my best investments so far. It’s highly scalable and can accommodate as my staff / products / websites as you want.
  7. Instant Article Wizard ($67) – I’ve written some pretty impressive articles on topics I know nothing about using this nifty software. I’ve even showed in to my friend who write for a living (newspapers and magazines), and they got one as well. It really makes article writing and research easy.
  8. ASK Database ($19/month) – My very first product is a result of the ASK database, which is a survey tool and survey search engine. It’s extremely useful for understanding the needs and lingo of a market. Once you know that, you can turn that knowledge into a product or as content for your blog.
  9. Pamela Skype Recorder ($17) – I use this software to record calls on Skype, and I’ve create a handful of successful audio interview products with it. Again I’m not a tech guy so I really appreciate software that makes it easy for me to mess with technology.
  10. SEO Elite ($247) – The only keyword research cum SEO software that I have, and use. The cost was hard for me to swallow at first, but I got over that block eventually. SEO Elite is really powerful, and yes I know that different people have different things to say about SEO Elite, but I’m pretty satisfied.


  • AsiaPartTime says:

    Pamela SkyPe is very good. I am using to record my business call too.

    SEO Elite – How good is it? Is the suggested keyword accurate?

  • I don’t think there a was to say whether the keywords are accurate or not. Use 10 different software and you get 10 different results. But with SEO elite you can plugin in other keywords tools like Keyword Discovery and also Wordtracker, so I guess the aggregate result should be as accurate as possible.

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