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Everything from your Gmail account to your cPanel and WordPress blog requires a password, and the solution for most people is using a single “universal” password. I used to do it, and I know a lot of people who still do it. It’s probably the dumbest, most dangerous thing you can do.

As an Internet marketer, you need to deal with hundreds (if not thousands) of passwords. The best password manager software out there that I have been using for almost 3 years now, is RoboForm Pro. I’m doing this RoboForm review so you know exactly what it does, before you buy.

My RoboForm Review

roboform-menu RoboForm is not just password manager – it also acts as a form filler and can store all your personal information securely. In fact here’s what you can do with RoboForm PRO:

  1. Manage an unlimited number of passwords and login information
  2. Automatically generate dynamic, secure passwords to be used in forms
  3. Store your billing address, contact information and credit card details
  4. Automatically fill up registration forms and order forms
  5. Create multiple folders and profiles (for example Business and Personal) to organize data
  6. Easily attach the RoboForm toolbar to Firefox or Internet Explorer
  7. Integrate everything nicely into mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile)

Here are two screenshots: The main RoboForm window, and the password generator.

roboform-main roboform-generate

I’ve never had any issues with RoboForm. In find it easy to use and very convenient.

I can understand that some may have an issue with storing all your passwords and personal information in a single place. What if something goes wrong? What if my laptop crashes, and all my data is lost? To solve this underlying issue, the creators of RoboForm also introduced GoodSnyc, a backup / sync software designed to be used with RoboForm.

With GoodSync you can:

  1. Synchronize all your data between computers using the GoodSync software
  2. Sync all your data to RoboForm Online (Beta) using a secure online server
  3. Sync almost any type of data between computers, external drives, thumb drives, and network locations

Here’s how to sync to RoboForm Online looks like:


You can download the free version of GoodSnyc here and test it out.

RoboForm Review – Final Thoughts

Let me conclude my RoboForm review by saying that for $29.95 RoboForm is worth the money. Add in another license for just $9.95, plus GoodSync for just $19.95. Every single penny well spent.

Any questions about my RoboForm + GoodSnyc review? Let me know.


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  • Jenny says:

    I use Sticky Password for a lot of years and I am very satisfied with it. Never had a problem and also it works with applications.

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  • Siau Hen says:

    Thanks for the review.

    The last time I using the trial version is not compatible to Chrome, that’s why I give up.

    I love the storing function for form address & particular as well, it save lots of time if you have many forms to fill up.

  • Matthew Liow says:

    Hi Gobala,

    I have been using RoboForm for many years now. I will never give up for such nice features especially remembering usernames and passwords for me since I have tons of websites to log in. Plus, RoboForm is available for Android, Apple, Microsoft Windows Mobile based phones. Furthermore, RoboForm can be used in Firefox, IE, Google Chrome… Finally, database only saved once and is transferable to other devices without redo.

    Great product to save my time.

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