Rest In Peace Chapter-M

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chapterm In May 2005 I created one of my first successful e-books ever, and it was targeted to just one market: Malaysians who wanted to solve their Paypal and Clickbank problems. You probably know the name of this ebook, it’s called Chapter-M.

This e-book hit the market at the correct time, with the correct sales message and the correct information. It helped me achieve my first five figure income (RM11,000) in a single month which was a great achievement for a Malaysian newbie at that time, roughly 6 months after I decided to quit my job and start my own Internet business.

However, since Paypal introduced its debit card withdrawal and followed by Clickbank accepting Malaysians again, this book has become obsolete and earned it’s place in history. Personally I stopped selling this e-book in 2007 but I’m sure I can still sell a few copies now, except for the fact that it would be unethical to do so.

The reason for this post is to announce once and for all that while Chapter-M may have helped hundreds of Malaysians start their own Internet business, it has been ore than two years now since it was first written so the information contained within it is no longer relevant.

So if you see anyone selling this e-book, please note that they are not keeping up with the times. This is an official announcement from me as I realized some people are still getting Chapter-M only to realize its information is obsolete. If you have any questions regarding Paypal withdrawal please refer to this post or subscribe to my mailing list as we will visit this topic again from time to time as there are new developments.

So rest in peace, Chapter-M.

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