I’m probably the last person to upload pictures from the SMART Seminar / Mind Valley dinner and hang-out session earlier this month. Thanks to Vishen for organizing such a great event, which is a great break from the otherwise boring life of an Internet marketer 🙂

Granted not all the pictures are here but can see more from all these Facebook profiles.


This is a picture of me and Alexandra Cattoni from MindValley. In case you’re wondering, yes Mind Valley is filled with beautiful talented people. It’s not fair I know but life’s never fair. If only I knew about Mind Valley when I decided to quit my job in TM three years ago.


That’s me, Ewen Chia, Vince Tan and Edmund Loh.


With Anik Singhal and Ewen Chia, two of the world’s top super affiliates. I never got the chance to speak to Ewen much before. But during this event I realized he’s a really nice down-to-earth guy and I suspect that’s because he had to work really hard to get to where he is now.


On the right are Brian Wong and Vishen Lakhiani, the co-founder of Mind Valley. Their blog is a must-read too if you’re serious about Internet marketing. Brian Wong is a NuSkin Diamond and he’s pretty successful in the MLM and personal development market, plus he drives a Lotus Elise.


And a picture of (almost) everyone including Patric Chan and wife Emily, Mark Joyner, Simon Leung.

I hope Vishen and Mind Valley will organize more events like this – and I hope I get invited too 🙂