Personal Coaching Session for 2010 Now Open

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I’ve opened up my personal coaching sessions for 2010. You can read more about it here.

If you’re struggling to make sense of Internet marketing, and you feel that all you need is the right guidance from an expert with 10 years history in making money online, I highly recommend that you enroll now before the personal coaching slots are closed.


  • Kay says:

    Dear Gobala
    I admire your preservance and determination in getting an internet marketing business off the ground. I have always wondered what internet marketers make money from – do you have sites or blogs selling products which are not internet marketing related? Is this how you make money and then move on to teach people how? There are many people in malaysia offering training and coaching on internet marketing – how do we choose? They are all doing well.

  • Dear Gobala,
    Hope this note finds you well, I am finally managing to do some work with the guidance from the bootcamp notes, although I haven’t monetize my blog that well or rather earnings from it, I indeed plan too.

    Struggling and learning along the steps. I think I need some light from on on the personal coaching session :-), I am still thinking about it and want to get your opinion, let me know if doing it via skype or some communication tool is feasible with 6 hours time difference with Malaysia.


  • Mikael Chua says:

    Dear Gobala,
    I just bought your book today : “The New Millionaires….” and try to add you as my friend on Facebook but it won’t allowed….maybe is because you had befriended with one of my friends there…anyway, love your book and wish can learn from you and be your friend on FB(please add me through above email address)!…Best wishes!

  • Kenny Yeoh says:

    When I first drop in this page, I glad to see you offering a personal coaching. I first things in my mind was your price should be very expensive. In 2 reason I though about this. First, your experience in internet marketing industry which is not another “TO” person. You really make it. Second, your international brand.
    Your price is reasonable!

    “TO” – Talk Only

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