Kreydle Sdn Bhd strictly discourages the use of SPAM for all promotional activities. If you feel that you have received information about us or our products, please contact us and include:

  • The name of the referring person or organization
  • The referring website or email content as proof
  • Any other related information to help our investigation

Affiliate Agreement

Our strict no-SPAM policy advocates severe penalties to any affiliate associated with our company or products. Any affiliate found guilty of spamming will face the following actions:

  • Reversal of all sales and commissions payable
  • Termination from all our affiliate programs
  • Permanent ban from promoting us or any of our products

Allowed Marketing Methods

We allow only the following marketing methods:

  • Google AdWords or similar forms of PPC / Pay Per Click advertising
  • Website and blog advertising, including text links and approved marketing materials such as banners, product reviews and articles.
  • Forum advertising, provided that any link used by the affiliate should not form or be part of the main reason for posting or replying to a post
  • Email marketing*, only when using double opt-in verification and single opt-out
  • Sharing on social media sites, within the terms of use for respective sites

* Please note that your email marketing must allow the recipient to unsubscribe or be removed from your database by clicking on a “Remove” or “Unsubscribe” link within each and every email sent. All other removal methods are not allowed and would be considered SPAM.