We’re proud to launch our first course on Udemy about niche marketing strategy. It’s a complete guide to creating autopilot niche marketing websites.

In a way, this course is the culmination of everything I have been doing since 2001 when I created my first niche website and made money with affiliate products. This is also my first mega course in Udemy, and my first proper online  course.

Niche Marketing Strategy

To succeed in niche marketing, you need a solid strategy. A lot of people jump right into keywords research, setting up a blog and writing content, when the right strategy for that niche may not be writing free content at all!

Here’s what you will discover:

  • What niche marketing is and how to discover niche markets
  • How to validate your niche idea for profitability
  • How to create a niche strategy that works for you
  • How to setup simple but effective niche websites

And much more..

Definitive Niche Marketing Guide

Te course already has over 63 lectures and 3+ hours of content. In our first 48 hours, over 1,33+ students have enrolled and we have received tremendous feedback.

However, there is more to come.

In the near future, we’ll be adding more awesome lectures about niche poducts and some real-life case studies. We want to make this course the definitive guide to niche marketing and help our students get valuable lessons on how to get started.

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