What’s up fellow marketers? So… here comes BIG news.

I’ve recently decided to revamp my online marketing strategy, some of which I have used since 2008 to build a successful software company and produce amazing stuff like LinkTrackr, Nichify and Shorty.

It was an thrilling eight years, with it’s fair share of ups and downs, and through it all I’ve learnt so many things that will only help me become a more successful marketer in the near future. I’ve learnt how to start and manage a small company, how to work with developers, how to set long-terms goals, how to create a brand, and how to manage employees among other things.

After all this time though, my priorities in life has changed. In the past it was all about working from home and earning a living online. As things started to work out, I started a company and hired more people to help me expand my online business. Today’s I’m back at the starting line with a new goal of streamlining and working with partners instead of employees?

What happened? What did I do wrong? What did I learn? 

I will share those things – and more – through this blog and my upcoming kick-ass YouTube channel. Stay tuned, and remember to subscribe to my email list or my channel to get free tips, hacks and a jolly good laugh.