I came across Naidy Phoon by accident – my staff promoted one of his course to our mailing list and we made dozens of sales in 24 hours. That got my attention!

I was even more interested in Naidy Phoon when I discovered that we was from Malaysia, and that he dropped out of college at the age of 19 to become a full-time Internet marketer. What a story!

So I made contact with Naidy Phoon and arraged for an interview, as part of my ongoing online marketing channel Drive. What followed was a casual but inspiring anecdote from Naidy about his decision to quit and beat his own path through the wilderness of life, and his plans for the future.

The Naidy Phoon Story

Naidy stikes me as a humble and intelligent guy who knows what he wants, or at least, what he does not want. Like most college dropouts that make it big, Naidy Phoon probably finds college boring and superficial. The real world however, with all its disappointments and frustrations, seems like a far better alternative.

I have heard a similar story before in 2006, of my friend Edmund Loh. He also dropped out of college at 19 and started an online marketing business. I guess great minds think alike huh?

Full Naidy Phoon Interview

So watch this interview with Naidy Phoon and give me some slack for the audio quality – I was trying to mask the blaring background music in Starbucks. You can get Part 2 of the Naidy Phoo interview via my YouTube channel, and make sure you subscribe.

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