I guess I haven’t updated this blog in over a week now, as I’ve been busy with so many things all at once.

So here’s the updates I’ve missed blogging about.

Firstly, I’m now in San Francisco with Melvin Ng and Vince Tan. Thanks a lot to all your support for the SendUsTo.US firesale!

The first thing we did when we arrived on the 11th is to get some sleep. After all the turbulence on China airlines, we really needed to sleep on a non-moving surface.

Then, it’s off to shopping, round 1. I was sad to find out that the iPod Touch will only be available in stores on or after 28 September 2007, by which time we may already be back home.

So I guess I’ll give it one more shot before our return flight, which is more than 2 weeks from now. This is a really long holiday, but I’ll also be working “part-time”

While there, we’re also working on Firesale Exposed, in which we reveal exactly how we managed to rake in $69,000 in 7 days using the “firesale” concept.

You can register now on the site before it launches. We will launch our new collaboration product in US, the first time either of us actually launched anything so far away from home.

Meanwhile, I’m also improving my Easy Audio Products ebook to include all types of audio interview methods, not just via Skype. This will make is a more complete products as I know a lot of people have unanswered questions about setting up and recording interviews.

So tomorrow morning, we’ll have to register for the World Internet Main Event at 10.00am, and the event itself starts at 2.00pm. The event will last for 4 days, and after that we’re officially on vacation.

If you happen to be there, look out for 3 guys wearing the SendUsTo.US ‘uniforms’… hehe..

That’s it for now, I really need to sleep 🙂