So despite the nerves and the massive jam at Mid Valley today, I managed to reach MPH exactly on time for my author’s talk. This is my first time giving a talk in such an open, public place.

To be quite honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. Other authors have told me stories where only 2-3 people attended their talks. Some told me stories of kids jumping and running around them while they were introducing their books.

For me though, it all went pretty well.


I really appreciate the MPH staff for setting up a nice, cozy spot away from all the hustle and bustle of shoppers outside. In fact the set-up was pretty good, and by the time I arrived most of the seats were taken.


I talked mostly about the book and myself, careful not to scare my audience off by getting into the nitty-gritty on Internet marketing. Hopefully, for the most part, they understood what I was saying. And as the talk proceeded, more and more people started to gather around to listen in. About 9 people bought The New Millionaires from that session, which is great for a first-timer like me.


For all those who attended the talk, thank you. Special thanks to Sunny and Jessica for their support, and helping me take these wonderful pictures.

Here’s a very short video: