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Would you like to win a free membership site software, powered by Easy Member Pro worth $137? All you need to do is to tell me and Kim Standerline why we should give it to you.

easy member pro membership site scriptThis crazy idea came to me in a dream. Back in December 2006 I won a free copy of Easy Member Pro, but till date I have not used the membership site software. Although this is a lifetime license and I can use it whenever I want to, I decided to let another deserving person who can put it to good use take over my site license. After chatting with the creators of the software, Anthony Hull and Kim Standerline, I got the green light to do so.

Some of it’s key benefits of the Easy Member Pro membership site software:

  • Easy to use, WYSIWYG interface with built-in web page builder and editor
  • Supports both Paypal and 2CheckOut, use either one of both
  • Allows for “One Time Offers”, free members sign-up and different payment options (monthly, yearly etc)
  • Supports “monthly content”, members cannot download content for previous months – ideal for monthly payments sites
  • Built-in affiliate program, automatic affiliate signup and link generation
  • Generate full payment / affiliate reports
  • Web templates included

You can get full information at

Here’s what you need to do to win a free license:

  1. Write a comment below (200 min and 500 max) on why you deserve to win
  2. Mention your plans – how you want to utilize the membership site software to it’s fullest, what you want to sell
  3. Tell us why Easy Member Pro is suited for your plan of starting a new membership site
  4. Give us an exact date of when your new membership site can be up and running if you win – no estimates :)
  5. If you have a blog, link to this post (optional) and announce that you’re trying to win a free membership site software

I hate rules, but I know that if there aren’t any someone will find a loophole somewhere and hold us hostage of our own words.

So here are the rules:

  1. Each member can only create ONE submission, on this blog
  2. You cannot already own an Easy Member Pro membership site software
  3. If you want to comment on someone else’s entry, you must use the “Reply to Comments” function or your comment will be deleted to make space for actual submissions

To be fair, Kim Standerline from Easy Member Pro will select the winner, not me. Contest ends 15th June 2007, and the winner will be announced on this blog post itself.


  • ??????? says:

    Gobala, which one is better? Easy Member Pro or Amember Pro? I bought a few times from u and found out that personally u use Amember?

  • Sam Freedom says:

    Gobala, coming from a culture as rich as yours, you probably know, in your being, that none of us deserves anything for the reasons we usually think. It’s up to the “gods” to decide; we can only make our best, sincere plea.But for the sake of fun, and because I landed here for the very reason I am about to give, I’ll have a go at it.If I were to deserve your software, it would be because almost everything I undertake includes a wish to help someone else. As I hinted above, the reason I am even here is because I was researching the details of membership site software for a person-in-need whom I met through MySpace so that she can break out of the “need to be published” mindset and get out of poverty through the membership site formula.If I were to deserve your license, it would be so that I could give it to her.Please take a moment to see her site here.As for me? I’ll buy my own copy. ;-)No matter who gets it, thanks for your generosity. I’m not Christian, but I know a fine quote when I see one:Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:40)Namaste,
    Sam Freedom

  • It’s June 16 so I’m closing this competition. Any entries submitted below this point will not count. You can continue to give comments on the previous entries.

  • Dennis Sim says:

    —— ENTRY 15 ——

    Hi Gobala,

    I came across an idea to start a Web Based Blogging For Profits Training Program. My intention is to help the IM community as well as the ordinary people. Firstly, why I have this idea is because there are some of friends who keep asking me the same few questions, “Are you really making money online?” and “How to make money online?”… Not surprise some not even know what is blogging all about. That’s why I have this idea to help the non IM community as well.
    Basically, this membership will offer a training program which allows the beginners to learn how to make money online with simple thing like blogging. There are multi ways we can make money through blogging including Adsense. Thus, in this program, I will share my knowledge and show them a step-by-step how to blogging for profits with Adsense. What I mean a step-by-step is from creating a blog till driving traffics and be a super blogger one day. On top of that, I would allow them to become my affiliates and make more money from the referral efforts they put in. Yeah, most of them are beginners and may not even know what affiliate program is all about. I will also include a mini course or probably a report to teach them how to become a successful affiliate.

    EMP is well match with my plan because this is web based training program so membership site software is a must to accomplish my plan. As I told before this, affiliate program is also a part of my plan as well, so EMP with built-in affiliate program that run automatically is the best to complete my whole plan and make my life easier. To be honest, most of us don’t want to setup a membership site that will trouble us, instead of helping us. If my project allow me to have installment scheme, then the different payment options feature that offer by EMP will give me the extra benefit! If my plan progess smoothly, I will launch this project on 21 Nov 2007. (Exactly 1 year from the first day I join IM community)

    The most interesting question is this, “Why I deserve to win?” Before this, I have a question to myself, “Why I want to set up this training program in the first place?” Simple. I want to TAKE ACTION! You see, I started IM last Nov and took me about 6 months to understand the real meaning of IM. After months of learning, I developed this project which will become my first product. Thus, my real intention is not to make a lot of money, but just to take action and get the experiences. Yes, is that simple! 95% of people failed in business because they never take action, and please… I really don’t want to be one of them! My answer to your question is, I want to Take Action and Learn New Experience!

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Dennis Sim.


    —— ENTRY 14 ——

    Hi Gobala,
    I write music and also have a band. Sometimes as many as 6 vocalists (mostly female).
    I play keyboard, accordion and trumpet (not all at the same time ha, ha).
    That’s what I would use the membership software for.
    I’m retiring in december and that’s when I plan to start a membership site. I was going to start one even if I hadn’t seen your little competition. (I was going to use a WORDPRESS
    membership template, which was only 25US dollars).
    So if I win I save 25 dollars.
    best regards
    in Canada

  • —— ENTRY 13 ——

    Wow! just reading the comments makes the JV radar work overtime. What a wealth of great idea’s…

    My plan is simple. I already have a Free / Paid Membership Site but like many people, the script is sub standard and lacks so many features.
    Yes it is in a sub directory because the plan is have get a decent membership script that will take out the hard work of the process and also make things easier for the members after all they are the only reason the site exists.

    My plan would be to launch on the 20th of July, This gives me a month to set up the site and implement a launch plan, to promote it. And lets not forget time to create a Killer USP, already have a paid for a spare domain name. Just have to choose it.

    The site offers fresh Private Label Articles every month as well as Private label Reports, Ebooks and Products. Also video’s for members to learn from so that they can use the content and find news ways to profit from it. This will be a low yearly membership. Free members get Five Thousand Private Label Articles as well as other related Products added on a constant basis.This is nothing new but is a niche that there is still a growing high demand for. Just putting a unique slant on something that works.

    Easy Member Pro would make this a whole lot easier to update and manage. The OTO offer page would be an excellent way to entice members to upgrade from a free membership and to promote special offers. Also would be excellent to easily add further related back end offers to constantly grow the sites revenue. Having a built in affiliate management system would streamline the process further.

    The long term vision of this site to offer members fresh content every month, to expand the site so it becomes a resource for those who build content sites and those who use PLR to create their own Products.

    But main reason is so we can use the profits to support missions in thrid world countries where we can make a huge difference in the lives of those who just have very little, no access to education, no jobs, and many just living on two meals a day or just spend their time wondering where the next meal is coming from. Many die from the lack of medical treatment because of the poverty. We use people that are already in the mission feild who know what the need is, have contacts around them and we are able to put the funds directly into the field without the huge admin costs.

    Simply put we are providing services in exchange for a way we can generate funds to help others in need. This is just a brief outline.

    Thanks Gobala for your generoisity in making this opportunity available and here is a very old proverb

    “A generous Man shall Prosper and He who waters others will himself be watered!”

    May you yourself be blessed and many thanks for sharing your wealth of imformation and a great blog!

  • Steve Hilliar says:

    —— ENTRY 12 ——
    Hello Gobala and Kim,

    My take on this is a little different. First of all I am a little older than most and struggle with many technical things. However I am totally passionate about entering into internet marketing where I can also be of assistance to others.
    If I am succesful with this I will PERSONALLY fly from New Zealand (12 hours) to Kuala Lumpur between 15th and 30th of June and meet with Gobala. Together we could formulate a positive idea to utilize this product to help other people as well as ourselves.I would have the site up and running before departing Malaysia.

    Steve Hilliar
    New Zealand

  • Donna says:

    —— ENTRY 11 ——
    Hello Gobala and Kim,

    I have studied membership site scripts by the dozens, and they either don’t have all the features I need, or they have more features (and a HUGE pricetab I can’t afford) or they just plain stink.

    I bought one awhile back (over a year ago) and it has tons of features, I got it for a decent price, but it’s so hard to set up, configure and make it work (mostly because of no money for outsourcing and no time to keep trying to teach myself) that I just gave up… and so it sits… useless and NOT EASY at all, like Easy Member Pro will be.

    I have a dream of helping newbies… while simultaneously not stripping their wallets bare, so I wanted to set up a free members area with lots of value, and then offer upgrading to a decently priced paid members area for those that are serious about learning business and online marketing and web design while providing them with valuable MRR and PLR products they can use.

    The big difference? I have *a heart for the newbies*, I still remember how awful it was to try and create a simple web page even using a WYSIWYG editor, you need to understand a modicum of HTML. And, I still vividly remember the pain of working really hard, buying every gooroo’s latest panacea for wealth… sometimes taking months to pay off the credit cards I used.. and the ultimate disappointment when nothing came of it.

    I want to inspire hope… teach, train, and encourage… and prove to them that never, ever giving up is the secret to success. I want to teach my skills as a web page designer, graphic artist, marketer, copywriter, etc so that people that sign up for the membership get FULL VALUE from what they joined.

    They will love it so much they will never want to leave! Support will be impeccable (I have experience in support) and the site will be not ONLY beautiful (because of my graphics skills) but will be full of helpful information, good business articles – and the best surprise I saved for last…

    I have a partner way across the planet in Australia that has 31 years of marketing and business experience and he wants to join me in helping others. We have been discussing back and forth about setting up a membership site that is full of value, affordable and keeping it updated.

    We would be proud to announce to the world that we WON this software gift by our determination to succeed & help others. We also plan to use it to help offline business newbies, and my partner has recently started a blog that will go with the membership.

    It will be an ongoing, continually updated, multi-leveled membership site that would make you both proud. That’s why Leslie and I would love to be the recipients of this amazing and worth-having script for our member site.

  • Cris Lim says:

    —— ENTRY 10 ——
    Hi Gobala!
    I have been your faithful feed subscriber for over the few months now. I really want to thank you for giving us this chance.

    I will go straight to the point. This software will come in very useful because it will help me promote my training materials to my “customers”.

    My plan is to teach the next generation of people to earn passive income through internet marketing — Students. Most students have blogs but they do not have the required skills to start on, or even dare venture into internet marketing. I plan to offer my training videos and materials through the free and paid membership tier levels.

    The EMP provides a very clean and easy WYSWYG editor which is what I need because I am not a very codey person, if there’s a word to describe. The payment gateways are already set for easy collection of membership fees. What I really like the most is the affiliates areas for the students to refer to because thats the biggest money generation tool, I earn, they earn too!

    I plan to launch this membership site if I win, on the 22nd of October 2007 because it is the start of the freshman new intake. I will use that day as a platform to introduce my membership site to students who are really interested. And by that date, most training materials will be up and running, ready for distribution in the membership site.

    I apologize because I have no website to show, because this is my dream project(which is already in the final stages of planning) and I really need to plan my money wisely(very low budget) because I am also a student coming from an average incomed family. If I win this, its is an additional bonus for me.


  • Stuart A. McMaster says:

    —— ENTRY 09 ——
    First let me commend you guys for this offer and opportunity. I know that the software would be definitely utilized to its potential if I was the winner.

    My plan for it would first be to launch on Labor Day (September 3rd in USA this year) which will play towards part of the promotion of the site launch. As the Labor Day holiday is celebrated virtually everywhere sparked by the movement for an 8 hour work, 8 hour recreation and 8 hours of rest 24 hour day.

    The site will consist of a Free section with Personal Use, Reseller Rights and Master Reseller Rights products. Free members will get 50% affiliate commissions for sales that they send back to the site.

    The Paid section will be like nothing yet seen.

    It will consist of the same category of products as the Free section but with not only Private Label Rights Products but also will have 3 additional niche ebook products launched per month with the complete sales sites active so that they can be promoted immediately with an amazing 70% commission… only for Paid members. Paid members will also enjoy higher affiliate commissions for the membership site itself.

    Of these Paid members I will get a 100 Founders Team where they will get an amazing 85% commissions on all affiliate commissions AND this commission will extend to the Niche Dating site (can’t reveal the niche… yet) that will launch by years end.

    As I have been looking at different options for my eventual membership site launch ( I have found several that have easy holes that people can get around to access your site freely. Some of the widely used scripts are not that secure and contrary to popular belief, you do lose money when people steal your product because, believe it or not, many of them would have bought it if they could not steal it.

    I am happy to say that I do not see these same flaws with the EasyMemberPro script.

    So with over close to 100 Gigs of available Personal Use, Reseller Rights and Master Reseller Rights and Private Label Rights products to include in the site AND additional niche ebook products with a 70% to 85% commission structure, this will truly be the beginning of… (I leave the rest to YOUR imagination).

    Finally… by advertising to my visitors on my main site, I am sure to get good stream of Home Business hopefuls whom I would be more than honored to help them realize their online income potential. The question is not “if”, but “when” and I think I told you THAT earlier.

    PS – Thanks for giving me the chance to compete. And people should be automatically disqualified for misspellings. If they can’t take the time to check their grammar and spelling, then you guys shouldn’t take the time to consider them! (Just my opinion, as I hate it when I see business professionals do this!!!)

  • Brian Ankner says:

    —— ENTRY 08 ——
    Well Gobala, how do I go about telling you what I would set up a membership site for without telling you enough for you to do the same first?

    I plan on setting up a membership site that will roll out in April of 2008. The site will have “how to” videos from absolutly new in the trade, to the experienced craftsman.

    I am currently making the videos and plan to have around 60 videos uploaded by launch time.

    The membership will give access to all videos so that a newbie to the trade will be able to start at the basic level and watch videos as they get more familiar with the industry.

    The experianced craftsman will be able to go straight to the advanced level videos for the industry secrets. Hence the need for multi level sections. Of course the newbie will be able to watch the advanced lessons if they want.

    Multiple levels but not multi priced.

    The program will be a reasonable monthly fee and I will be making 4 new advanced videos per month.

    About 6 months after launch I will spotlight a subscribers shop for the “on location” video of the month.

    I will travel to the subscribers shop and do a video with them showing one of their advanced tricks of the trade.

    I will also have a section for supplies for sale, drop shipped and affiliated.

    In summary, a membership site with recurring monthly fees for start-up to master craftsman videos that will teach someone to become good enough in a short time to make a living with this craft and a location for the hard to find supplies.

    By craft I do not mean knitting or something worthless like that, I am a second generation master craftsman in my trade and usually make $40.00-$100.00 USD per hour doing this old world craft.

    There are approximatly 220,000 current craftsmen in this trade worldwide, but it is a dying art. There are less of us every year as we die off. No one is teaching the old world methods anymore and they will soon be lost.

    There are about 600 searches per day for knowledge and shop supplies of this trade so I am confident that with the right campaign I will be able to fill up 1000 slots in this membership site in a short time. 1000 x $20.00 = $20,000.00 per month. Ya gotta love a membership program!

    I am quite handy with html coding and wordpress. I have many sites of my own and feel I would be able to easily manage the EMP software.

    There, I think I explained it well enough without letting the cat out of the bag!

    That’s my plan with the software.

    Thanks, Brian

  • Jaime says:

    —— ENTRY 07 ——
    First of all, I need this software for the launching of the first Mexican give away, with this software I will be able to upgrade many people here that are just starting out into Internet Marketing

    Here the potential is unlimited, we have very few affiliates, very few writers, very few strategists, very few experts at the entrepreneur level
    Many of them want to sell and live through the Internet but must fail due to lack of knowledge, lack of products, lack of teachers, incredible for us Mexicans so close to the US
    I know in this way I will acquire a hughe data base of Mexicans and spanish language people that I will teach, I will show and create products for them
    This data base will then be used to teach, show and sell them the right products and services for Internet Marketing
    I am a good teacher, all I need is a good software and I will conquer Mexico again not from the sea not from Spain but from the Internet
    I will start to run this software by the begining of 1st of July, so I can have time to test, to start promotion, to make promotional materials, to invite members from here and from outside Mexico

  • —— ENTRY 06 ——
    I deserve to win the free copy of Easy Member Pro because , I suspect that more than any other entrant, my site is meant to serve a huge niche that has in common a commitment to help others and to better our world.
    Unfortunately because of the scope of my project, and the fact that I am not able to work on it full time, it will not be able to go live as quickly as others, but it will be worth the wait.
    My main project outside of my consulting practice is the development of Fundraising University. The purpose of is to provide the consummate online campus and library of fundraising training materials to professionals and volunteers involved with charities. It will be a resource that serves the whole charitable sector providing all the resources any fundraiser or not-for-profit executive will need to learn, teach, and stay on the cutting edge of issues and techniques at the core of our industry. It will be engaging to professionals and volunteers alike.
    The philosophy behind the campus will be one of profit through service, a philosophy which permeates virtually every one of the businesses run by the faculty (mostly consultants). I intend the site to be a profitable venture for the faculty and administration alike. Profits will be earned through educating and increasing the capacity of the charities we serve.
    While I am still considering a variety of options, all will keep tuition very affordable so that it is available to all. My current favorite is a monthly tuition of $10 per month with half of that being donated back to the charity that sponsors the student, or paid to the consultant that refers the student (thus the need for a powerful integrated affiliate program)
    I envision a membership site with forums and a substantial number of videos, audios, and downloadable text files all provided free to tuition paying students (members) provided by the finest in the field.
    It may take the rest of the year before Fundraising University is ready to go public. I am in the early stages of building it and recruiting the faculty. Until launch, it is a part-time venture. If you need a firm launch date, I will have to say January 1, 2008, though I will be working hard to launch in September when most charities begin their fundraising campaigns.

    Easy member Pro is the ideal software to manage this project given its sophisticated content management system, one time offers that will allow for both profitable and charitable offers, powerful affiliate management system, and its automatic signups, renewals and cancellations. Though it is ambitious, I believe the network that I am using to recruit faculty, develop content, and create a site that will not only be profitable, but that will serve the charitable sector will help me reach my ambitious first year goal of 10,000 tuition paying students.

  • Todd Moss says:

    —— ENTRY 05 ——

    I have a member only site at where I provide members, both free and paid, access to PLR products. I provide the members with private label articles, adsense templates, and at least 3 ready to sell ebooks with graphics and websites every month. Free members receive a smaller portion every month and are encouraged to upgrade.
    I have a script that manages access but have searched high and low for a program that will manage the member area. This has been the most challenging part of owning a membership site for me. My current method is to manually upload the new products every month and edit the html part of the download page. I also have installed a download manager to help manage the download area but, although it makes it easier for the members to download their products it does not simplify things for me.
    I have another membership site at and this member site is designed to provide all the tools and services that an entrepreneur needs to build a successful business on the Internet. I have the same challenges with managing the content in the member area.
    I built both of these sites to provide an income for myself and family so that I can continue to volunteer full time at a non-profit Christian youth camp. I have been working full time at the camp for over 2 years now and would like to continue. My ability to do so will depend largely on the continued success of my membership sites.
    I think that you should select me as a winner of your software so that I can improve my membership site. The ability to organize and manage the member area more efficiently will not only make my members happier but it will also free up a lot of my time, time that I can spend working with the troubled youth that need me.

  • Bill Bates says:

    ———ENTRY 04———
    Hi Gobala and Kim,
    Appreciate the chance for a free copy ot EMP. I have tried so many different membership scripts I hate to pay anything else for them.
    I want to add a membership area to the above URL. I have had the domain since ’99 or 2000 can’t remember. I have ammased a collection of resale rights products, PLR, giveaways that I will be offering from retail and to membership. Lack of a good script has slowed me to a crawl this year.
    With a working script (have not found one YET)tried MANY… I feel I could have site ready for enrollments and major promotion first week in July..with a 4 july target..
    Will be offering free and paid (9.95) memberships. A Sample of sales page graphics is at
    Your consideration of my need is most appreciated.
    Bill Bates
    Life Without The Commute

  • John Metzinger says:


    You know I wouldn’t mind winning your software contest,
    however it is not my intentions of sharing exactly what
    I would do to maximize its potential.

    That is like asking Coke to divulge their secret to the
    additive they use. Or maybe McDonalds will tell you
    again what is in their secret sauce.

    Coke wouldn’t do it for Pepsi and well I guess if this
    disqualifies me for the contest so be it.

    Suppose I where to tell you what I was going to utilize
    the software for, and the prize goes to someone else. A
    COMPETITOR perhaps. They really felt they had a plan, but
    after ready all the competition they decided to use my plan

    Here I am having to make a choice. I run out and buy the
    software which I can’t afford at any price right now. And
    someone else has a great NEW LAUNCH with an idea that my
    wife and I came up with.

    Granted, most of the ideas out their are just a mix or a
    spin off of the original idea anyway.

    But here I am a disabled man who has just lost a 6 figure
    income to a disability in December ’06, and we feel things
    and plans are just now coming to fruition to see one of
    them just start somewhere else on the net.

    Oh, and to top all of this off the winner has JV’s just
    jumping to help them because they were the winners. How
    incredible is this.

    Now I don’t want you to think I am a conspiracy theorist,
    but if you had just lost your only income due to an accident
    that left you disabled would you want the internet be the
    place you notify everyone of your intentions?

    It’s nice of you to offer, but again if it is dependant on
    me telling you and your readers what my plans are I just
    can’t do it.

    That would be like asking Phil Jackson of the Lakers what
    his next substitution will be in a playoff game. That is
    how serious this is for my family.

    Best regards and Success,
    John Metzinger

  • ENTRY 03
    As everyone in the world knows, “ It was 40 years ago today that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play ….” (June 1st, 1967 – Beatles). In Sept. of 2007 I will be celebrating my first and only meeting with The Beatles forty years ago. I have decided to create a Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour Membership website. In just a few months I will be announcing to the world that I will be selling copies of my home movies of my visit with the Beatles in London and providing audio clips of Beatle interviews.

    My plan is to OPEN membership into the MMT CLUB on July 1st, 2007
    - I will incorporate the Easy to use, WYSIWYG interface with built-in web page builder and editor for a professional appearance
    - I will keep track of all member activity by supporting both Paypal and 2CheckOut eCOMMERCE, (using either one or both)
    - My video distribution will be handled as “One Time Offers”
    - I need a Built-in affiliate program, automatic affiliate signup and link generation from day one of my operations

    Easy Member Pro is best suited for my new website because I do not have the time, money, talent, nor PATIENCE to experiment with a “low cost” membership software package.

    John – San Diego, California (USA)

  • Erwin Tan says:

    Not here for the free copy of Easy Member Pro.

    Just wanna thank Gobala for giving out this wonderful offer to those who needed it.

    Kudos to Gobala


  • Sazali says:

    ENTRY 02

    Firstly, i deserve to win this software because seriously want to setup my very own membership website but still cannot find or don’t have enough money to buy the expensive one. And then my dream almost come true with the dream of Mr Gobala by decided to let another deserving person who can use the EasyMemberPro Membership Software for good. With the very complete features offer by this software, membership site can be setup so easily.

    I will use the EasyMemberPro by giving members some free stuffs and also paid stuffs. And of course not to forget the affiliate system for launch any new products.

    Why Easy Member Pro is suited for my plan of starting a new membership site? Because what all this software offers. Here some more benefits that will help me to setup a very powerful membership site; Secure password-protected member’s area so no-one gets in and steals your content, pay your affiliates by Paypal Mass Pay or print our a spreadsheet for check payments, link to any 3rd-party forum such as PHPBB or VBulletin, automatic signups, renewals and cancellations and much, much more!

    So how if win? All stuffs are ready and with this amazing software, i decide to launch my membership site on the 50th Merdeka Celebration Day! Merdeka! ;-)

  • Alvin Phang says:

    ENTRY 01

    No.1 Reason.. the software is great it has everything I was looking for!

    No.2 Reason.. your dateline is one my product dateline too =P

    No.3 Reason.. I need a great affiliate system for my new product launch at which is related to what Gobala does too.. which is blogging!

    No.4 Reason.. it will surely help me expand my online business and also it would made a great backend product as well =)

  • It will be too late for you to use EMP then?

  • Hi Sazali, you said “giving members some free stuffs and also paid stuffs”…

    Sounds to me like you have no idea what you want to sell. I want to know what you’re selling, and is it free or paid? If both, how do you make money from free members?

    Then, how does EMP really help you? Are you offering monthly content or one-time content?

  • Sazali says:

    If EMP offering multiple membership level, paid subscribers will gain access to special, private, paid members-only content and the content are eBooks, scripts, articles and graphics collection.
    Free members only can access ‘limited content’ and will use them for ‘Viral Tactics’ where free members can move up the membership levels at no cost if they refer their friends to the site.
    New members are offered a one time upgrade and they only get one chance to upgrade at a cheaper price, and if they skip it now, it’s gone forever.

    All members except free members need to pay monthly or maybe yearly to maintain their account.

  • You don’t have to tell me everything, just enough to see that the software will be a great fit for your membership site. I’m not going to steal your ideas, don’t worry.

  • John,
    One of the biggest mistakes people make in business is to over value their ideas. The reality is that ideas are not worth that much.

    If you don’t believe me go and buy a franchise. You can buy not only the entire idea, but a succcessful business name and plan for about 5-7% royalties. The guy who invented GI Joe was offered a royalty of 1% but took a cash upfront fee instead (to be fair the industry standard was closer to 5%).

    Good business is about execution, not just ideas.

    Good luck to you.

  • Hi Todd,

    Your proposal sounds good, since you have an existing membership site that can be improved with the Easy Members Pro software. It will suit your needs perfectly I think, and I hope you’ll win..

  • So, your membership site will teach the skill of FUNDRAISING, right? Both for commercial (events, business development) and charity, and you’ll be charging members $10 / month for access. Ok, that sounds like an interesting topic :)

  • Hi Brian, don’t worry about that, I won’t be stealing your ideas nor will anyone else reading this. You can give just enough to show how the EMP script is suited to your needs. The real secret of a successful membership site is not the idea but the execution. No one can copy you if you execute it better than anyone else :)

  • Sounds like a plan, Stuart, I’ll have to check with Kim if the software can offer 3 different affiliate payout levels. I hope she can comment on this.

  • Gobala,
    Actually the site will be focused on Charitable fundraising and not-for-profit management. While some of the skills are transferable to business development and political fundraising, those will netiher be the focus nor the purpose of the site, its discussions, discourse, or content.

    I have 10 years experience as a charitable fundraiser and not-for-profit executive, have raised more than $25 million for those charities, and now blend my business experience as an entrepreneur with that expertise to help chairites raise more funds. Fundraising University will allow me to help more people by helping more charities raise more funds to complete their missions.

  • Steve Hilliar says:

    I trust this is entry 12

  • Haha, just read this properly. You cannot postpone the idea till after you win the contest. The idea needs to be a good fit for the membership site for you to stand a chance to win it. Otherwise it’s just wasted if you end up doing nothing with it (like I did).. :)

  • Yes, it is. Let me add the text :)

  • Sounds like a great idea, Beatles memorabilia and rare, collectible items.

  • Steve Hilliar says:

    I am a person of my word. If I win the contest I would COMMIT to being in Kuala Lumpur before the end of June.

  • Hey Dennis, good to see you throw one in!

  • Dennis Sim says:

    Thanks Gobala.

    I just came back from holiday and hope to hear some good news from you very soon!

    Good Luck to everyone here (and myself)!

    Cheers! :)

  • Terry Hamble says:

    Let him put his money where his mouth is!

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