Pictures from The January 2009 Mastermind

Posted by | January 17, 2009 | General, Migration | 16 Comments

Among all the other mastermind sessions we’ve had so far, I think yesterday’s mastermind was different. It felt different somehow, as the members are probably pretty good friends by now.

It felt more laid back and relaxed, and there was more discussions between members this time around. Also, my friend Kidino made a guest appearance :)

Too bad I had to leave early in time for my author’s talk at MPH Mid Valley, but I was really a bit reluctant to go. You see, Internet marketing can get quite boring at times. Same venue at Starbucks Jaya One.

It’s a nice quiet place, although I don’t think it will stay quiet for that much longer.




As I mentioned in the mastermind session, I’m creating a list of service providers and vendors. If you’re my customer / subscriber, and you offer services related to Internet marketing / website building / e-commerce / digital media, then please do fill up the form.

(Form link is sent via email to members only, please contact us if you did not get it)


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