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Malaysia Affiliate Marketing Network

For the past few months, as you may have noticed, I rarely blogged. That’s because our team has been hard at work creating our own affiliate marketing network for Malaysia – and I’m proud to say that we’re now open for business. You can sign up at :)

If you’ve used ClickBank or PayDotCom before, then you’ll understand very easily how this works. If not you can read our affiliate marketing information page to get a good idea. Basically, the JomNiaga system allows you to promote unlimited affiliate products using a single username (affiliate id). Instead of having to deal with multiple affiliate managers to get your payments, with JomNiaga your payments are guaranteed and predictable.

This has been a really tough project for us as we started from scratch. The biggest issue is handling manual ATM deposit payments.

If you’ve sold anything online to a Malaysian market then you already know how difficult and tedious it is to deal with ATM deposits, especially when the customer asks for a refund. Now however, you don’t need to. Our system will do all the hard work for you.

In fact we’ve already launched two of our own products, Rahsia Emel and Panduan cPanel through our network. We’ve fine tuned the entire thing to the point that almost everything is automated. We’ve done some design changes too to make the site more appealing.

While there may be only a handful of products now, we’re looking to add new vendors at a rapid pace in the upcoming months before our official launch planned sometime in November.

How to Add Your Own Products

At the moment, we’re only accepting digital products, and only from advanced users. If you have any sort of existing business relationship with us (customer, seminar participant or previous JV partner) and you have a fully completed digital product, please get in touch and I will allow you to sell your stuff through our affiliate network.

All billing transactions are handled by us so you can focus on growing your business and establishing relationships with your customers. Plus, you never have to worry about SEO or getting traffic since the affiliates do all that (and more) for you.

In the near future, we’ll be adding some exciting features for vendors:

  1. Sell physical products
  2. Integrated e-commerce store
  3. Payments in USD
  4. Automatic online banking payments

How to Promote As An Affiliate

Just signup for free, get your affiliate link, and recommend to your friend. We make it easy to send affiliate links to your FaceBook wall, group, fan page or directly to people in your friends list via FaceBook’s new “Send” feature. It really can’t get any easier than this :)

If you have a blog or website, you can also use the banners provided by each vendor to get clicks and sales. Commissions are paid out every two weeks in Ringgit Malaysia to your bank account, PayPal, or via check.

Signup free at:


  • says:

    Finally, a Malaysian clickbank. I’m joining this immediately. How’s the response from Malaysian IMs so far?

  • zelot66 says:

    Is this Affiliate Program reliable like CommissionJunction, Amazon, ClickBank etc..

  • Norhafidz says:

    This is what I hope for in the Malaysian Market. Honestly, I’ve been waiting such a long time for affiliate network like this to emerge for our local market. We’ve seen CJ and CB (we even banned from them once) and now it’s time for a local network to shine. Congratulation Mr. Gobala

  • ManDan says:

    The most perfect person to do the job…Backed by the history of clickbank concentrator and affiliate himself, there is no better guy than Gobala Krishnan. Congrats…U are on your way to ‘eternity relaxation’.

  • Yeok Heng says:

    Finally, we have our malaysia version of clickbank. I hope there are more and more good product made by Malaysian. Good job to start this!

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