Early this year we ventured into something completely new: creating online courses to make money with Udemy, the world’s largest e-learning marketplace.

Starting with our pilot course on niche marketing, we didn’t really know what to expect. Although I have created and sold videos for years, especially WordPress tutorial videos, this was a new concept.

For the first time, we were selling to the non-IM (internet marketing) crowd, and our course was part of a marketplace where we could potentially tap into over 5 million students on Udemy.

Wait a Minute.. What The Heck is Udemy?

Udemy is an MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) platform similar to Lynda.com.

Lynda has been around for ages, and arguable pioneered the concept of a paid MOOC platform. Unlike Lynda, Udemy allows anyone to create, publish and make money from an online course easily.

Unlike Khan Academy, Udemy’s goal is to become the largest online learning marketplace.

How to Make Money with Udemy?

So how do you really make money with Udemy? We didn’t know for sure.

I had enrolled in at least four different courses about creating and marketing online courses in Udemy, but none of them were really of any help in terms of marketing. Most of the courses focused on either creating a course, or optimizing your best-selling course for more sales.

The middle part – promotion of your course – was noticeably missing or incomplete.

I came to realize that most of the courses on making money with Udemy were created by instructors who were already successfuly, and enjoying heavy promotion by Udemy.

So these guys just sat back and enjoyed Udemy’s marketing efforts. All they had to do was figure out how to optimize their course or create more courses!

For the average newbie instructor however, optimizing your course was fruitless unless you first figureed out how to make consistent sales for your courses.

Is Making Money From Udemy Really Possible?

Make Money with Udemy

During our first 30 days on Udemy, we made $637 from our niche marketing strategy course.

That was great, but we learned a lot along the way. Some of our previous preconceptions about Udemy were shattered, and we discovered new gems about selling online courses.

I kept a daily “journal” of my Udemy marketing efforts, and eventually turned that into a full course on Udemy. With this course, I emphasize the use of growth hacking to promote your Udemy course. The structure of the course itself is unconventional, but it’s proving to be very useful and popular with Udemy instructors who need a step-by-step action plan.

Throughout this course, I present ideas and tips that were tested and backed by real data. Not everything I did in my 30 days produced positive results – some were absolute failures. However, failures can sometimes be a better teacher that success!

If you’re thinking about starting an online course on Udemy, then I strongly recommed that you enroll in our “Udemy Growth Hacking” course now. To get more information on the course and a whopping discount of over 90%, use the link below.