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Although I’m surprised it took me a while to realize this fact, I’m glad that I understand it clearly now.

Fact: If you want to make money online in Malaysia, sell in Bahasa Melayu.

This idea is reinforced recently when I took a look at my Google Adwords data, in which I put up simple ads for JomNiaga to get more user registrations. Although the entire site is still in English at the moment, you can clearly see that the ads in Bahasa Melayu receive the best CTR, conversions and cost per conversion.


Once we’ve implemented the BM language for the site, I’m pretty sure the conversions will increase dramatically.

This is why this year I decided to stop doing our seminars in English, and our company has been shifting to the BM medium. Most of my recent products for Malaysia have also been fully in BM.

If you grew up speaking English and living in urban areas like me, you may think that English is the way to go. But the reality is that the English speaking community in Malaysia is still small, centered in highly competitive urban areas, and is difficult to make money online in Malaysia from the English market alone.

Plus, as I mentioned in my post about Internet marketing in Malaysia, these two markets cannot always be served at the same time so you have to choose one.


  • rahtoem says:

    wow so very good…!! i want to get some money from my web. can you help me how we can to do that?

  • says:

    I’ve been thinking along the same line, actually, and glad to stumble upon this post (trying to link to your blog from my first write up :) ) Been researching a few highly searched niches in Malaysia and came up with a few. Hope to make something out of it.

    Memang ramai warga internet Malaysia yang sudah berkecimpung dalam penjanaan pendapatan dan pemasaran online. Ini perkara yang baik. Tidak perlu lagi pergi jauh, di sini pun ada. Sebagai contoh, ramai yang telah mendapat pendapatan sampingan dengan blog yang memaparkan iklan nuffnang. Program affiliate pun ada. Mungkin tidak lama lagi kita akan lihat CPA pula (atau mungkin sudah ada?).

  • colbert says:

    I agree. If you wish to make some decent money in Malaysia, it’s good to target visitors looking for BM terms

  • Congratulation for taking that steps of testing as only a few are able to test things out. only after doing this will you see the results. I will tray and apply the same here in my local language also.

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