In 2009, I decided to take a big gamble by drastically changing our company’s business model from selling ebooks to creating web based software. We failed in our two initial projects and I spent almost all my savings on hiring developers.

Just when all seems lost, we made a breakthrough with LinkTrackr sometime around July 2010. It was the first SAAS (Software As A Service) we created that people were willing to pay for.


Two years later, we’re starting to see some really interesting growth for LinkTrackr. The awesome news is that we managed to achieve our year-end target of $10k monthly sales by middle of the year. So I guess we’ll need to set a slightly higher goal now.


When you compare that to 2011, you can see that my gamble paid off. We now have a great source of consistent – and growing – monthly income in USD.

Although we do create ebooks and information products, these are now mainly for the Malaysia market, with the sole purpose of creating more activity for JomNiaga, our affiliate marketing network for Malaysia. All our other projects are software solutions for SMEs and home based businesses.

There was a time when I was close to admitting failure and even decided going back to selling information products. Looking back now I’m happy that I decided to try on for just a while longer!

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