Earlier this year, I sat down with Hanafiah and talked about a goal that we shared: to give back to the community by helping Malaysian fresh grads learn valuable skills. 

Many times before, we have talked about helping Malaysian graduates and university students in particular. However, due to the huge workload, neither of us actually had the time to do anything. Two years passed, and we decided that we had to start something. It’s ok if we started small, but if we’re consistent enough, it could end up as something big.

What we came up with was Kreydle Academy, a non-profit movement to help students and graduates in Malaysia catch up with cutting-edge technology and skills to have a successful and happy career.

What’s the story behind Kreydle academy?

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For years, we struggled to find great talent. After interviewing dozens of IT candidates for positions in Kreydle, we discovered that almost all of them had outdated skills and very limited knowledge in the world of IT, especially web development. I would say the same for all the online marketing and multimedia graduates we’ve interviewed too.

It’s obvious that the skills they picked up in college simply wasn’t enough, and unless they made an extraordinary effort to bridge the gap, they were going to struggle in their careers.

The problem was bigger than us. The root of the problem seem to be in our education system that was more interested in quantity (pushing out as many graduates as possible) than providing a balanced, high-quality learning experience. Short cuts were common, with exams the center of everything and educators tied to KPIs that stressed heavily on ensuring great exam results.

So what could we do about it?

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Today, in my absence, the team successfully launched Kreydle Academy with our first event, “Master PHP”.

25 people registered for the event (before we closed it), and 15 people turned up eager to learn about using MVC frameworks to code better in PHP. Since most of the registrations were free, and some with generous donations, I would say that the turnout was more than encouraging.

There’s more, much more, to come from Kreydle Academy. We want to touch the lives of 1 Million people in Malaysia and all over the world by 2030, and empower them to take bold steps in building a successful career, starting game-changing companies, and creating a better world.

We realized what we can do is teach. And hopefully, encourage everyone who has ever been to a Kreydle Academy event to pay it forward by sharing what they know with others. It may be a pipe dream, or it may be the beginning of something that should have been done a long time ago.

If you think students in your faculty would benefit from our talks, get in touch and help us get to your college or uni. We are more than happy to teach and give back to the community. If you think you want to give back to the community, we are more than happy to organize your talk and film the room with eager students.

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