If you’re currently building websites using our JomAffiliate niche website builder, please read this important post.

JomAffiliate will be completely rebranded to Nichify in the next few weeks. We will be shedding the Malaysian-focused brand and using more on a catchy, unified global branding. JomAffiliate is an awesome system for building autopilot Niche websites, and to have a system that good only for Malaysia does not make much sense.

Also, since Ashadee is expanding globally and adding tons of advertisers outside of Malaysia, the new Nichify system will be completely suitable for building any kind of niche website, in any country, and for any topic.

The first thing you’ll notice is the updated user interface. It now looks much more modern, is lighter on our servers, and much more compatible with mobile devices. The next big thing is that the new Nichify system will finally enable you to build and manage multiple websites with a single login. This is what most JomAffiliate users have been asking for a long time.

Each new site will cost exactly the same as what you paid for your first website, also a one-time fee while Nichify is still in prelaunch. Here’s a list of the changes and improvements:

  • You can now create an unlimited number of websites with a single login
  • Product recommendation now works based on country – visitors from US will see products in USD and targeted to US!
  • Keyword linking now also works based on country – you’ll always recommend the most relevant product to all visitors
  • Central dashboard where you can see the performance of all your sites
  • Switch easily between sites to add content, update settings, and change anything
  • New user interface with mobile and tablet compatibility, so it looks good anywhere
  • New content editor makes it much easier to create media-rich content, embedding videos, and using images
  • Upload images and files directly from the content editor
  • Create your site on different domains (new domains will be added from time to time)
  • Improve email system and mail sending via MailGun (better deliverability)

We will continue to develop Nichify for the remainder of this year, to add important features like customization, SEO capabilities, and training.

So, if you try to login to JomAffiliate and end up on Nichify, fear not. All your data from your old JomAffiliate sites will be migrated carefully and you will not lose any data. Your old site at xxx.jomaffiliate.net will also be maintained so you will not lose any SEO ranking.

New login URL: http://www.nichify.net/login