Let us make you a code ninja!

Web development is more than a job, it’s a passion. If you are passionate about creating something out of nothing, armed with only your code editor and a will to innovate, Kreydle may just be the perfect place for you.

Unlike other web development jobs, your tasks at Kreydle will be more meaningful, current and exciting. As a web developer you will work on new SAAS (Software As a Service) projects as well as B2B platforms and marketplaces. At Kreydle, you will be exposed to front-end development techniques and concepts used by most Silicon Valley companies. You will learn all the cool new stuff that will give your web development career a massive boost.

Although we are in Malaysia, we think of ourselves as a global contender in B2B software applications. Before applying for our web development job, we strongly recommend that you read more about us, our projects, and all the latest stuff we’ve been up to.

  1. Join a progressive company that values individual contribution, skills and aspirations for everyone, especially our web developers
  2. Be assigned a direct mentor (senior web developer) who will help you fit in, develop your skills, and have fun
  3. Help us develop world-class B2B SAAS (Software as a Service) applications that will make a dent in the universe
  4. Assist the senior developer in front-end development, system architecture design, and programming
  5. Identify and terminate bugs, pests and other nasty stuff making our software sick
  6. Be exposed to an obscene amount of training and personal development, enough to make you see bits and bytes in your dreams
  1. Have at least 2 years related experience (freelance accepted) in web development
  2. Have good knowledge or PHP / MySQL / jQuery / Javascript
  3. Have good knowledge of front-end frameworks like BootStrap
  4. Be comfortable working with the LAMP stack and basic Linux server configuration
  5. Have basic understanding of Agile Development and Test-Driven Development concepts (this is how we choose to work)
  6. Have some experience working with PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter or Laravel
  7. Be able to write well in English (can you explain clearly how something works in the documentation file?)
  8. Be able to communicate clearly in English (can we understand what you’re saying?)
  9. Be 110% passionate about web development (show us your side projects, freelance stuff and other things you have done outside your previous job)
  10. Be willing to learn new technologies, and be self-motivated to research and acquire knowledge

Submit Your Application

Think you fit the bill? Then go ahead and fill up our web development job application form below.

COMPULSORY: Please review this web developer job question and test on Google Documents. Download it as MS Word, answer the questions the best you can, save it to PDF and attach it in the form below.

Please also include your standard PDF resume, and if you have a LinkedIn profile, please mention the URL in the comments section.

Although this page is meant for junior web developers, senior web developers are also welcome to apply if you love what we do and want to be part of our web development team.


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