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 Create, Collaborate & Celebrate.

If you’re looking for a cosy-but-hectic startup environment for your Internship, then you’ve come to the right place. At Kreydle, we go to great lengths to make sure every intern is equipped with real-life knowledge, skills, and experience. We love our interns, and we want to watch them grow into future entrepreneurs, leaders, and experts. You can join us as an computer science, multimedia or business intern. Get more information in each section below, and make sure you download our latest Internship program PDF.

In her four months at Kreydle, she added Amazon API integration for display ads, CodeCanyon affiliate tagging, new mobile-optimized themes, and a theme customizer for Nichify.

Her contributions have helped us get into new markets and compete aggressively with other web building tools.

Farah Shazreen

Computer Science, International Islamic University

Adham helped us research, plan and execute our new online learning venture. He was responsible for promoting and marketing our Niche Profits course on Udemy using growth hacking techniques.

Adham also helped use review, revamp and rebrand our internship program for the future.

Adham Abidov

Business Administration, INTI International University

Liang put her passion in photography and video production to good use in Kreydle. She helped produce our Video Profits online course with iMovie & market the course online.

She also designed the coolest t-shirt ever for Kreydle, and her video of our annual retreat continues to inspire us.

Liang Xuan Yu

Mass Communications, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

Zul impressed everyone right from the start with his energy and willingness to learn new and complex stuff. He has great leadership qualities and can be downright goofy at times. 

Zul helped us make significant improvements in our software applications, and was even able to mentor other interns. He was the longest serving intern, for over 8 months!

Zulfaqar Zahri

Information & Communication Technology, Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Nurul is quiet, but funny and intelligent. She helped us create new and improved versions of LinkTrackr, Shorty, and Nichify. After her internship, Nurul stayed on for one year as a Junior Developer. 

She has a hidden talent for acting, has made countless cameo appearances in our videos. "One-take-Nurul" always gets her dialogue right in the first take!

Nurul Fatihin

Information System Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

Felicia was involved in everything from human resource to creative marketing. She helped us launch our first social media contest and kickstart our social media accounts. She is a fast learner and a social media magnet. Her bright personality and trademark laugh added some color and excitement to our office.

Felicia Bhaskran

Actuarial Science, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Deri helped us do the ground work for our successful launch of Nichify in the Indonesia market. You may also have seen him star in our "Miscommunication" video series on YouTube. Deri is active in a lot of social projects and loves to travel the world. He probably knows more people on Airbnb than anyone else we know!

Deri Laksamana Putra

Communications, University of Indonesia

Our first intern ever in our new internship program, Afiqah helped us create online tutorials for Nichify, and kickstarted our Instagram & Twitter social media accounts. She is a fast learner and pays attention to detail in everything she does. Always positive and sweet, her internship at Kreydle made everyone's lives a little more fun!

Afiqah Abdul Rahman

Business Administration, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)


Computer Science Internship

Become a rockstar developer.

Who We Want

  • Students in IT/ computer science, preferably majoring in web development.
  • People who live, eat and sleep code. You must love coding to survive your internship.
  • Under-achievers who need a kick in the ass so they can fulfill their destiny.
  • We promise to deliver amazing hands-on skills during your internship @Kreydle!

How You Contribute

  • Create your own simple web-based app in your first 30 days as an Intern.
  • We’ll guide you in using the latest tools, methods and knowledge so you’ll be a superstar web developer when you return to your college!
  • You’ll also be involved in our major projects like on front-end development.
  • Work in a team of developers and discover how to code faster, more efficiently, and with more purpose.

What You Learn

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • PHP & CodeIgniter / Laravel
  • MySQL
  • jQuery & Bootstrap

Design & Multimedia Internship

Color the world with your palette.

Who We Want

  • Students from photography, video or multimedia fields of study. We don’t care if you have a diploma or degree or whatever.
  • Most importantly, you must be passionate about it and have a portfolio of work to show off!
  • People who love a challenge, especially the ultimate challenge of creating amazing design and videos with a minimal budget.

How You Contribute

  • Create a viral marketing video during your first 30 days as an Intern.
  • Master the latest video production and animation tips, techniques and tricks with our in-depth training programs.
  • You’ll help us create viral videos, promotional videos, branding clips, instructional videos and online learning courses.
  • Help us manage and grow our YouTube channel, as well as our online learning courses like Video Profits and Niche Profits.

What You Learn

  • Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Screenflow
  • Video Production Techniques
  • Instructional Learning & Design
  • DSLR Photography & Photoshop

Business & Marketing Internship

Awaken the leader in you.

Who We Want

  • Students majoring in business and marketing, or mass communication.
  • You must be able to write damn well in English – mesmerize us with your words!
  • You must be tech savvy, and social media has to be second nature for you.
  • People who are sick of meaningless exams, and want to learn real business principles from the University of Hard Knocks instead.

How You Contribute

  • Create your own niche content website in your first 30 days as an Intern.
  • We’ll teach you important concepts of business administration, online marketing, social media, copywriting, blogging, business development, online advertising, and much more.
  • You will help us promote our online learning courses, as well as our flagship applications like LinkTrackr and Nichify.

What You Learn

  • Online Marketing Basics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Administration & Accounting
  • Human Resource Management

Submit Your Application


How to Submit Your Application

  • Record a 60-90 second video of your application. In the video, mention your name, college / university, your internship duration, and why you want to work at Kreydle.
  • Be creative, be funny, but most importantly, be yourself.
  • Upload your video to YouTube / Vimeo / other video sharing services.
  • Fill up the form and enter the full URL to your video application.
  • Attach your resume if you have one, but what we really look at is the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the allowance for interns? Our allowances start from RM500 up to RM750 for 3-month internships, depending on the internship program type. Students who are doing a 6-month internship may receive more after the third month, depending on their performance. 2. Do you accept foreign students? Of course, we accept everyone. For foreign students not currently studying in Malaysia however, there may be additional visa requirements you have to look at. 3. Do you have a certificate of completion? Yes, and you will receive it on the final week of your internship. 4. What do you mean by professional development? Basically, we help you develop a powerful LinkedIn profile. Other skills like presentation techniques and public speaking are already a part of your every day work.
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Warning to All Applicants!

Some Side Effects Are Unavoidable.

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