Creating your own home studio can instantly help you create better online videos, professional podcasts, and even capture better photographs. If you’re a podcaster, YouTuber or aspiring musician, you should start planning and designing your own home studio on a budget as soon as you can!

In fact, I’ve always wanted to create our own home studio (or office studio to be technically correct) at the Kreydle office for years now. Ever since we moved into our new office space in 2012, I reserved a small area at the middle of our office to be converted into a video recording studio.

I thought it would as simple as erecting four walls, splashing on some paint, and carpeting the floor.

I was wrong. I was so wrong.

Home Studio Design Basics

home studio setup

Creating your own home recording studio is not about the visual appearance of your studio. It’s about getting the right balance of lighting & acoustics with a limited space and for most people, a limited budget.

For months we abandoned our home recording studio project, as there was way too much echo in the tiny room and we had no idea what to do about it. The tiny space also made it difficult to accommodate lights, backdrop stands and tons of tripods. So we had to find smarter ways to make it work.

Then, I started researching the basics of audio and acoustics, and made some small investments in foam panels. I had no idea what I was doing, but just by placing several foam panels on the studio walls, I notice a drastic reduction in the amount of echo and other unwanted noise. I kept researching, buying stuff, and redesigning the studio the best that I could, considering that the space was already fixed.

Designing a Home Studio

home studio padding

After a while, things began to work and we were able to get really good quality videos and audio from our home studio / office studio. Of course you ccould not use it to create Hollywood blockbusters, but it served us well for our needs. Basically, we wanted to create online courses, record screencast videos with better audio, and also have a permanent space to record our internship videos.

If you want to learn how to create your own home studio, I highly recommend getting our “Home Studio on a Budget” course on Udemy. It’s the most basic, most un-technical course you’ll find about planning, designing, building and testing out your home studio.

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