Google Buzz – It’s Convenient

Posted by | February 18, 2010 | General | 3 Comments

Ok, you already know about Google Buzz, so I’m not going to say much. Compared to FaceBook or Twitter, Buzz is definitely more convenient for me as I check my email 10 times more than I go to FaceBook.


My Buzz profile is here:

Add me… please? I beg you :)


  • ManDan says:

    I thought you’ve said; ‘I’m not the kind that can share everything under one roof’ or
    twitter is not my cup of tea or anything related to that. But then, you come back with a twitter acc. Could u explain about this? I’d love to hear a REAL explanation rather than lots and lots of computer generated answer out there.

    • Yes that’s right, and I still don’t see myself as a Twitter user, still hardly login to Facebook. But Google Buzz is right there in my Gmail which I check like ten times a day.

    • Oh yeah and the reason behind the Twitter account is because we’re going to launch many things this year. I’ll be using it to provide updates on the launches.

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