The Divi theme is our top pick for WordPress themes in 2016. If you’re an online marketer, copywriter, designer or blogger, Divi can help you design a sleek, functional and fast website with very little coding / HTML knowledge.

In this video, I explain the main features or Divi, the pros and cons of Divi, and all the other amazing stuff you get with your Elegant Themes membership.

Previously, we used the Salient theme a lot. Although the Salient theme allows you to create more flashy sites with pre-configured widgets, you can get the same look with some custom CSS and coding on Divi.

But the Salient theme was slow and clunky. Because it tried to be the one-theme-for-all, there are lots of functions, codes and files being preloaded all the time, even when you are not using them, or using only a small part of them.

As you might be aware, your site’s speed is an important factor in search engine ranking. Salient however seems to be designed for freelancers who want a flashy site to showcase their work, not marketers and bloggers who want to get Google rankings.

In 2016, all our sites will be running on Divi, or the sister theme, Extra, that you see on this site. If you’re thinking about doing a functional makeover for your WordPress blog, then definitely head on to Elegant Themes to find what you need.

Besides the Divi and Extra theme, there a dozens of other high-quality WordPress themes that come with your membership.