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This is a feature a LOT of people have been waiting for. But now that Clickbank has recurring payments, should you use it?

I was looking at the FAQ page today, and since I am already selling the WordPress Adsense System product on Clickbank, I was interested to set-up a new monthly recurring option as an advanced package.

This means that I can now use the advanced membership features of Amember Pro, and yet accept payments via Clickbank. All charges are processed automatically, and affiliates are paid off automatically too.

Here’s how the set-up page for recurring products looks like:

Similar to recurring payment options offered by Paypal or 2Checkout, the Clickbank version also has options to set the initial price, rebill price, frequency and duration.

But their definition of each is slightly different:

  • Initial Price – The price the customer pays for the initial purchase of a recurring billing product. The initial price is equal to or greater than the rebill price.
  • Rebill Price – The price the customer pays for each subsequent payment for the duration of a rebill product. The rebill price must be equal to or less than the initial price.
  • Frequency – The timeframe for which rebilling will occur (ex. monthly, quarterly). The initial frequency allowed for recurring billing is monthly.
  • Duration – The number of times a customer is billed (ex. 2-99).

However, Clickbank says that the Initial Price and Rebill Price must be the same value, which means that you cannot offer a cheaper “trial” membership, or even give the first month free.

A few other key points:

  • Recurring products are also subject to the same 8-weeks money-back guarantee
  • Clickbank fees are 7.5% for the Initial Payment and a whopping 9.9% on the rebill price, all of which are deducted from the sales price so it effects both publishers and affiliates
  • Currently, recurring billing products can be purchased using credit/debit cards only – this is sad because I’m sure most people would prefer to use Paypal too

So for me, I’m still thinking whether I should use the Clickbank option. After all, I already have access to more powerful software like JV Manager Fantasos, in which you can use multiple payment options, and still credit the affiliate.

Please also not, that Clickbank only provides recurring payments which you can use to start your own membership site, but they do not offer you any membership site software to create members-only access.

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  • Pete says:

    Hi Gobala
    I found out (too late – May 2011) that ClickBank does not permit PLR products to use the recurring billing feature.

    I was setting up a membership site that includes PLR products every month

    Do you have any idea of any alternative solution



  • Another excellent tutorial. Thank you for this mate. Just a question, are you practicing Silat?

  • I’ve tested using Recurring billing on Clickbank and found out that it ease all my subscriber (buyer) a lot.

    Good review you got here.

  • wow this has to be the best blog post about clickbank recurring billing, I was trying to find good articles and post about this to blog about – too bad I didnt check a while ago!

    great post! it has your style to it than just the traditional copy paste from clickbank as I saw all over the web

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