Buying and Selling Websites for Profit

Posted by | October 20, 2008 | General | 2 Comments

sunny-tan-small Welcome to our guest speaker for the November BootCamp – Sunny Tan!

Most of you may have already met Sunny, and while Sunny and me started out about the same time, we took very different paths. Suny focused more on building content-driven sites and monetizing them with Google AdSense, helping him earn a 4-figure USD income which eventually gave him the confidence to become a full time Internet marketer starting January 2008.

Sunny eventually discovered that other people are more than willing to pay him thousands of dollars to buy his sites, and hence started a new business model of “flipping” websites for profit.

In this short podcast, Sunny explains how it works and what t expect. To discover more on buying and selling websites for profit, make sure you attend our bootcamp!



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