The New Millionaires by Gobala Krishnan The New Millionaires by Gobala Krishnan

Book Information

  • Author: Gobala Krishnan
  • Publisher: True Wealth Publishing
  • First Issue: August 2008
  • ISBN: 978-967-5428-09-8
  • Keywords: Internet marketing, electronic commerce
  • Retail Price: RM39.90

Book Synopsis

The New Millionaires by Gobala Krishnan reveals why an increasing number of Malaysians prefer to work from home, make money online and live like millionaires. This book explains the difference between how wealth is made in the 20th century (Old Millionaires), and how technology has enabled a radically new breed of future millionaires (New Millionaires) who lead the new patch to richest in the new millennium.

Among other things, the book explains in details the concepts of online niche marketing residual income, Internet business automation, working from home, and blogging. It also features interviews with successful local Internet entrepreneurs in Malaysia and examples from Gobala’s own Internet businesses.

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Additional Testimonials

Gobala “hits the hammer right on the nail” with this book! Rarely can you get someone who really knows what he’s doing in internet marketing and openly shares it with everyone!

His own success proves that he walks the talk. If you aspire to be the New Millionaire – you MUST have this Book in your collection!

Eruwan Gerry Norsen
Online Auction Expert

Hi just finish reading your book. It was great, it open my eyes to the works and making of turning the internet into a cashcow. However the most important is the different model of business. Taking the first step to create the list and creating an ebook base on my other business forex.

Thanks for the insight.

David Aw

It really great book. I love it, as I love The E-Code book. Give more info and sharing the experience from 12 guru in different type of online business.

100% recommend it, if you really want to make money online. Learn from this Book.

Al the best Sifu,


I’ve read the book and it is excellent source of information to cut short your learning curve to basically get started and geared towards your 1st million.

Highly recommended and one heck of a book not to be missed in your collection!

Haron Tawil