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Author: Gobala Krishnan

New Website Coming Soon!

What’s up fellow marketers? So… here comes BIG news. I’ve recently decided to revamp my online marketing strategy, some of which I have used since 2008 to build a successful software company and produce amazing stuff like LinkTrackr, Nichify and Shorty. It was an thrilling eight years, with it’s fair share of ups and downs, and through it all I’ve learnt so many things that will only help me become a more successful marketer in the near future. I’ve learnt how to start and manage a small company, how to work with developers, how to set long-terms goals, how...

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Product Launches: Do They Actually Work?

We’ll all been a part of some online product launch or another, some were awesome, and some just annoyed the crap out of you. But like it or not, online product launches seem to keep happening all the time, and will probably keep happening for one simple reason: they work.  To find out how a product launch works, what the components of a product launch are, and my personal experience with them, watch the video above. And don’t forget to subscribe to the SuckMyAd YouTube channel for more marketing tips, startup news, and social media...

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Basic Google SEO: Content Vs Hacking

Everyone wants to get to the top of Google and get free traffic. In 2001 when I started my first website, this was really easy to do. Over time however, search engines have grown more complex, splitting marketers into two schools of thought: give Google what they want, or hack Google to get what you want. The first school of thought – giving Google what they want – revolves around content. The idea here is that Google wants to show its users the most relevant content when they search. Content can be an article, a Wikipedia page, a product listing, a review...

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Complete Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

We’ve recently launched our complete affiliate marketing course for beginners on Udemy, and it’s massive! Over 5.5 hours of high quality videos on everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing, and how to get started the right way. Throughout the years, I have bought many affiliate marketing courses and even written ebooks on affiliate marketing. But this course blows everything out of the water! In this course you will learn: How affiliate marketing works, and the basic tracking technology used by almost all affiliate platforms Three different affiliate marketing models that are proven to work, but with different short-term and...

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Divi Theme Review & Demo – Best Theme For WordPress?

The Divi theme is our top pick for WordPress themes in 2016. If you’re an online marketer, copywriter, designer or blogger, Divi can help you design a sleek, functional and fast website with very little coding / HTML knowledge. In this video, I explain the main features or Divi, the pros and cons of Divi, and all the other amazing stuff you get with your Elegant Themes membership. Previously, we used the Salient theme a lot. Although the Salient theme allows you to create more flashy sites with pre-configured widgets, you can get the same look with some custom...

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