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Ok it’s December now and i just got to the October questions submitted at

Sorry for the delay, but I hope these answers still help you somewhat.

If your questions are answered here, it’s because:

  • It is a product related or support question – For product / support enquiries, although I clearly state NOT to submit to a lot of people just don’t read instructions! Submit product / support questions to the support center.
  • There is a similar question asked by someone else - please read the list of questions below
  • Your question is way too general - i can only answer detailed questions. My answer to general questions is “Maybe. It depends on the situation” or “I don’t know”.
  • I cant understand your question – some questions are so confusing I can’t understand it even after reading it several times.

These are the question answered, in order received:

  1. Ibnu Asad - I am in the process of writing an ebook that teaches people how to get a site from PR0 to PR4 for free by making myspace to link to the website. I have made some researches at several forums and I am confident that nobody else has written this kind of ebook before. Since that you and I are Malaysian, I figured that we can work something out and make profits together with the ebook. This is my first ebook that I am writing and I am hoping to get some tips from you.
  2. kamala – Dear Gobala, I have a matrimonial website uploaded 6 months ago,but I don,t have a payment getway,I have tried many companys and non can give me a satisfying solution. The way I see it has, they only interesed in collecting money from me than actualy solving my problem. Is there a way I can reg. with any of the payment gateway like paypal,clickbank and others and receive money from local bank? Thank you
  3. Jason Blair – what do you think about google cracking down on templated adsense sites, and if you buy a package how do you make sure that your site does not get tagged as a template
  4. Pang - Mr Gobala, I have a question regarding the paypal account, is it we really need a singapore adrress and singapore credits card to enable we to register? Have you ever heard about stormpay? is it save?
  5. albert – What do you know about swisscash multual fund. If it is not a scam, it defies logic that an organization can achieve 300% returns on investment. How to find out the truth?
  6. Fauzi Ahmad – I am fauzi, from perlis Gobala, you have any system email, to make subcribe and send messages to many people at one click. I not computer programer, I see you website very top hits, so any idea, send me. Thanks Fauzi
  8. Low Shu Chiun – Hi Gobala, I’m using google adsense now. How do I bring the most traffic to my website ? How can you help me on that ? Please advise.
  9. zul - can we generate money when visitor leave website that has google adsense?
  10. Md Shazli Bin Md Kasim – hi gk. i’ve been doing a lot of research and studying on online marketing/business for the past 2 years but i have no idea how to/where to/what to start with. i’ve tried numerous ways to find out a niche market. i’ve did some planning but it all didn’t work or doesn’t seem to fit me. to start an online business, i believe the first step that i’d like to do is to resell your chapter-m. i strongly believe with your guidance, perhaps it’ll be much clearer what i need to do to make an income using the internet. i’ve lots of questions to ask and i don’t know where to begin with. hope to hear a reply real quick! thanks!!!
  11. sesha sai m - I am a beginer in internet marketing and yet to make a buck. Presently, I am promoting a product of click bank thro; google adwords. Though, the ad is active and the report is showing number of clicks amd the money is debited to my account, there is no sale generated, as per the report. As I can understand the product is good. Can you please comment. with warm regards, sesha sai muppavarapu
  12. AINIYAH AZMI I – remember last time you send me an email to at your blog on spending thousands of dollars scam on making webpages.Is it something to do with the money tree program.OMNI WEBSITE SOFTWARE? I need your help to clarify this to avoid wasting money or get scammed?
  13. evian – May I know how much Clickbank charge for opening an account with them, and compared to paypal and Thank you.
  14. Leroy Lim - hi gobala, roy ere, i bought your ebook chapter M as Malaysians can we purchase products from clickbank? thanks
  15. Ricky - Hi Gobala. I bought your book recently and I am in the midst of developing a website selling clothing. I have 2 questions. I am using Yahoo Sitebuilder and PayPal. Is it necessary to use a shopping cart? What do you think of free shopping carts like OSCommerce and VP-ASP? I also plan to use 2Checkout as they recognise more countries including Malaysia. Do you know if I can integrate 2Checkout into Yahoo Sitebuilder? regards Ricky
  16. Siva - Hi Gobala, How to become member with clickbank, where to get your e-book related to it

P/S: These are also helpful, so please do have a look:

  • Any questions about getting payment from Paypal / Clickbank, for Malaysians, please refer here.
  • Any questions about what software to use for e-commerce, please refer here.

One Comment

  • Steven says:

    Hi Gobala,
    Please advice on the “supper affiliate blogger” and “wordpress adsense system ver 2″. which one suitable for the begineer?

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