We’ve recently launched our complete affiliate marketing course for beginners on Udemy, and it’s massive! Over 5.5 hours of high quality videos on everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing, and how to get started the right way.

Throughout the years, I have bought many affiliate marketing courses and even written ebooks on affiliate marketing. But this course blows everything out of the water!

In this course you will learn:

  1. How affiliate marketing works, and the basic tracking technology used by almost all affiliate platforms
  2. Three different affiliate marketing models that are proven to work, but with different short-term and long-term income
  3. How to plan your affiliate marketing strategy, and build your affiliate site
  4. Using WordPress & premium themes to build an effective affiliate site
  5. How to structure the layout of your WordPress site to get more clicks & commissions
  6. How to signup for popular affiliate networks, and get your affiliate links easily
  7. Different tactics to increase your affiliate income and conversion rates
  8. And much, much more..

Plus, I will also be adding more content to this course as we go along, based on your feedback. Be sure to ask questions in the discussion are so I can know if any important information is missing, and I can create new videos!

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