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We Want To Make A Dent In The Universe

Kreydle is a web marketing company focused on small businesses & organizations globally. Although we are based in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia), we think of ourselves as a global brand and company.

Gobala Krishnan founded Kreydle in 2013 with the mission to help small businesses grow, get organized and increase profits with amazing SAAS software and apps. Hanafiah Yahya , our CTO, helps to make that a reality.

Our simple but powerful business solutions include LinkTrackr, Nichify and Shorty

We also help others succeed by publishing awesome online courses that have reached over 7,000 students. Occasionally, we help students bridge the gap with our Academy.

We also have an exciting YouTube channel about online marketing, startups and entrepreneurship that you can subscribe to and learn more about our world.

Our Deadly Team

Gobala Krishnan

Gobala Krishnan


Gobala Krishnan founded Incomattic in 2008, which was reborn as Kreydle in 2014. Gobala thinks of amazing ideas to help small businesses, and translates those ideas into profitable software, seminars and solutions for Kreydle.

Hanafiah Yahya

Hanafiah Yahya


Hanafiah is the silent genius behind all our web applications. His passion in programming, cloud technologies and software architecture sets the bar high for all developers in Kreydle.

Zilpa Silas

Zilpa Silas


Turning chaos into order is Zilpa’s main task. She is a quick learner and never one to shy away from new challenges. Zilpa secretly aspires to be a professional photographer.

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