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My name is Gobala Krishnan, and I am proud to be from the sunny side of the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. People always ask me “What is it that you do exactly? What is your business?”

I find it hard to put in a sentence, but here it goes:

“I am an information marketer or infopreneur. I survey specific problems faced by niche markets, research and compile the solutions, and market them over the Internet.”

(If you didn’t get that, don’t worry – even my parents still don’t know what it is that I do. Just have a look at my products and services instead)

My Life Story (And Yours?)


Coming from a small, sleep town called Kluang in southern Malaysia, I was in a hurry to get to the big city (Kuala Lumpur) and get rich, meet chicks, and live an extraordinary life. At age 18 I finally got the chance to do that when I enrolled in Multimedia University (Malaysia) and left the nest.

I tried making money online since 2001 while I was still in college, and I was quite lucky to make my first check (for USD43) within a few months. Within the next few months my income increased to about USD300+ a month, using a free website and spending almost nothing on advertising or hosting.

It was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. Something clicked in my otherwise dormant brains, and I said to myself “This is amazing!”

But then a strange thing happened – I got a J.O.B – and for the next 3 years it systematically, slowly killed me. I call it “The System”.

Season 1-3; Lost

It took me 6 months to realize I wasn’t going to get the life I wanted, in Telekom Malaysia, working 9-5 doing things I really didn’t give a shit about.

But I also realized that I was trapped – the system has entrapped me just like thousands of other zombies waking up at 6am, cursing their way through bad traffic, faking smiles and enthusiasm just to make a little bit of money.

I started to ask myself, “Is there another way?”

That question led me to a 3-year journey trying all kinds of stuff including giving home tuition, MLM, designing websites, writing, blogging, more MLM, and even more MLM.

All failed.

I did manage to secure a part-time job as a columnist for the Asia Home-Based Business section for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE), a monthly members-only publication micro-targeted to home-based entrepreneurs, work-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads :)

This gave me stable, dependable income and gave me the opportunity to take a look at Internet marketing and home based Internet businesses again. This time, I was serious!

Season 4-5; Prison Break

_DSC8522NST November 2005, after 3 1/2 years running laps in the rat race I decided to quit my job and become a full-time Internet entrepreneur.

I had no money, no contacts, no mentor – All I had was a plan.

I hate goal setting and time “management”, so following a very simple working system I set out to change my life. I was out of the prison and into the real world; but it was a different me.

After a grueling first 6 months where I was almost constantly broke, I got my lucky break. I made my first five figure income in a month with a simple product.

Since then, all my time is spent building my online empire, consisting of my own products and promoting other people’s products. The question of how much you can make on the Internet is probably the first thing on your mind now.

I don’t know how much others make, but I make anywhere between $8,500 – $20,000 a month as of April 2007, from my products and services as well as affiliate marketing and advertising. My target by end of 2008 is to make a consistent $30,000 every month and become a millionaire by age 30.

Season 6; Heroes

To be continued..