A Day In The Life of Indian Blogger Amit Agarwal

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What does a blogger, especially one that makes loads of cash like Amit Agarval, do every day? No point for guessing: he checks his email :)

The first thing I do in the morning is check my email. I have subscribed to lot of Google Alerts, Yahoo groups Mailing Lists, CNN Alerts, Microsoft Newsletters, etc. I also get emails from my blog readers with questions as well as suggestions. To handle the email overload, I have setup a bunch of Gmail filters which are generally very effective. I try to reply to emails the same moment I read them and if I can’t, I label them “To Reply”. Then I keep opening this “to reply” folder several times during the day to make sure it’s not growing in size.

Amit is a blogger based in India. Here’s his scope, quoted:

I am professional blogger based in India. My blog, Digital Inspiration, covers technology news and analysis, software reviews, web apps, productivity tips and things that I find interesting on the internet.

Why are all the Adsense stories about technology bloggers? Or haven’t I been reading enough?

Here’s the full post on how Amit blogs. You can also see Amit’s Google Adsense earnings (only a hint of it) and other tips here.

One Comment

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