In 2014 we did an experiment in online education. Instead of releasing our videos for free on YouTube and depending on Google for some spare change, we decided to sell them as a course on Udemy.

The result?

$7,000 in a year, with no significant marketing on our part.

The figure can be much higher, and I have seen Udemy instructors in our niche making upwards of $20,000 per month. However, since we did everything half-assed and depended on Udemy to promote our courses, it’s 100% autopilot.

Who can complain for getting $7k on autopilot?

I started cheap with just my Mac, my Samsung S4 smartphone, and a lavalier microphone. In the process, we built our own small video recording studio, and invested in important lighting and audio equipment to produce better videos.

So its safe to say, the $7,000 we earned paid for the investment, with a few Ks to spare.

In 2016, we’re going to go all out in video marketing on YouTube, Udemy, and other places. I have said that our future is video marketing, and I still feel exactly the same.

See you guys in 2016!