This must be the biggest project I’ve done to date, and it really paid off. $15,000 in sales for the first 24 hours, with 6 days to go.

Our target is about 1,500 sales, which should be enough to get us to San Francisco for WIME come September 2007.

If you haven’t purchase the “Musketeer Package” yet, as I’m writing this you have about 4 days left. You’ll get 100 high-quality products, all with resell rights, that you can also resell to others and keep 100% of any price your charge.

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But the results could have been better if not for some server problems we had in the first hour. Although we were prepared, the amount of traffic exceeded our expectations and in the end our TWO dedicated servers chocked, suffocated and died.

I met up with Vince and Melvin at my home to celebrate, joined by Khai and Edmund. Only Vince and me were on the PC at launch time, and a couple of affiliates had already accidentally promoted earlier.

Our celebrations turned to panic when the servers went down barely minutes after the first sale came in, and let me tell you when that happens all you can do is contact your hosting support guys, and pray that the nightmare ends soon.

Hopefully for us it did end pretty soon, and even with the slow moving servers we managed about 30-40 sales in the first 2 hours. Vince had programmed his MS Outlook to play a “ka-ching” sound when each sales notification came in.

So when we finally relaxed and got to dinner at about 10.30pm, we continued to hear ‘Ka-Ching” every 3 minutes.

The next day I managed to edit the salescopy and increase the conversion rate from 2.35% to 5.6%, which meant that although we were getting less traffic on that day, we still managed to equal the amount of sales on the first day.

Then yesterday, I managed to increase the conversion to 7.89% and to tell you the truth I was shocked to be able to bump it up that high. Some JV partners like Ian Del Carmen and John Delavera started offering some crazy bonuses too, so that bumped up our sales again.

We’re hoping to go the distance and achieve 1,500 sales by the time the firesale is over. On day 1 we were quite skeptical of this target, but now it looks like within reach.

As I’m writing this we’re closer to 900 sales, which is about $33,300 or more.

Get it here till August 1: