$10,000 and My Four Minute Mile

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May 2007 – I finally hit my elusive goal of making $10,000 in a month from my Internet home business, which means two things:

I actually made it to $10,041, just forty-one dollars above my mark, but it’s still a moral victory. And the mark was hit not without it’s own share of controversies.

While I was away for 5 days in Singapore attending the World Internet Summit, some idiot hacker got access to my GoTryThis affiliate tracking software, and sneakily changed my affiliate links with his. What a jerk…!

This raised some trust issues at first. I try to tell you (the readers) as much as possible about my own Internet marketing journey, so that you can learn not only from my success but also my failures.

However, I failed to realize that this type of information also attracts the wrong kind of people – people who rather just steal from you instead of using their own brains to make something out of their lives.

I estimate that the hacker stole about $300 – $600 from me, and what seems like a solid plan to achieve my four-minute mile started to look like a lost cause. At the end of the month, however, I confirmed that I did it.

So a new chapter in my Internet marketing journey really has to do with security and privacy. I’ll tell you how I scrambled to solve my hacker problem in the next post.

Besides hackers, there’s also this group of inconsiderate people, mostly Malaysians, I dare say, who just don’t have phone manners. One guy called my on my mobile phone number at 10.45pm, and started shooting questions about how to withdraw money from Paypal.

What ever happened to “Is it a convenient time to talk?”. What ever happened to courtesy? In the end I had to tell him right to his face (in a nice manner) that he should only call me at regular business hours, or I wont entertain his call.

This is the reason why I removed my personal email address and contact numbers month ago. If I didn’t, I have to rely on people’s courtesy and most people just don’t have it.

Heck, I don’t even call my best friends at that time of the day without asking them if it’s a good time to talk.


  • Manidip Chakraborty says:

    Hi Gobala

    Congratulations to become dot com mogul.

    You look like an Indian.
    I am from India.I think I am in the category of “niwbie by choice”.Let me elaborate.
    I am “trying” to get success in internet marketing business for nearly about 2 years.But still I didn’t able to start this in real.I mean it “in real”.
    Actually I know a fair bit of Adsense,Adwords,Article Marketing,Blogging etc….

    Adsense: Need A website
    Adwords: Too Costly
    Article :Not a born writer.
    Blogging:No Topic which I am Passionate about.

    Actually I am earning right now $100 per month.As I am the only member earning in my family , it is very difficult to compete in adwords or PPC.
    Now my family needs are getting higher and higher , so please believe me I am just exausted.I need to take rest to get rid off from my nightmare of family burden.It is now untolerable.

    I request you to help me atleast to get $100 per month more to fullfill my family needs.I do not want car , home at all. I just want my family to stand firm in the crowd. That’s it.
    Will you please do me a favour by helping me to get there.If you say type your name thousand times I will do that blindly.
    Please help me.

    1.I am not able to find my niche.
    2. I am weak in english.
    3. I am not a good writer.
    4. Adwords is too costly.
    5. Really love to be affiliate.

    After reading this you might think that my callibre is all against to become successfull internet marketer,Right ?
    But I can’t help it.
    So please please guide me sir step by step.
    I promise I will follow you blindly.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards
    Manidip Chakraborty

  • David says:

    Dude you are the next fellow to be appear on NST interview. I strongly believe. Can I be the first one to interview you now?? Just kidding… keep it up!!!

  • Adam says:

    Congrats. Sorry to hear about your security issue. I guess there are always some jerks out there, trying to steal from people instead of working hard to earn money.

  • Ghaazi says:

    Congrats Gobala. U are now a Dot Com Mogul!

  • cheryl goh says:

    Hey Gobala,

    Sorry to hear about your GoTryThis tragedy. Recently I also had someone access my hosting account and cancel my hosting subscription. Luckily I was informed pretty quickly and managed to sort it out. Can’t imagine how mean people can be!

  • zool says:

    whoa.. very impress… hope someday I will generate income like u..
    maybe at that time u generate millions per month…

  • Fazli says:

    Congrats Gobala.

  • ryan says:


    Congrats to your success. Never met another hardworking guy like you in the longest time.


  • zaki says:

    Congrats Gobala. Now you’re among Malaysia internet sifoo. You always walk the talk. You have done it now. I have nothing to say anymore, but you’re just too good in whatever you did

  • eparchments says:

    Namaste Gobala Gee,
    Congratulations! Good to hear you are making good cash, keep it up and also keep us informed. We will not swallow your earned cash :) Man, just dont make another expensive e-book, Iam already tired. Just write simple blogs and good instructions about your methods or secrets if you need to elaborate your own money making strategies. This is the best way to assist someone on solid grounds.

    Secondly , good step to ignore telephonic approach. Its true people observe us servants of critical problems but never wants to regulate their own brains even for 0.099% guaranteed. Next time if he calls you just tell him to go ATM machine and start voodoo spells or try to persuading that guy with below joke, I guarantee his problem will vanish in seconds:

    Battlefield Emergency Call: I need more ammunition; I repeat I need more ammunition. Reply from Rtd Major. Mecosta (PayPal User): Dear Sir, you account has been suspended due to fraud and high suspicious active fires, please return to base for more any clarification and bring along your empty machine gun too.

    Serene Regards,

  • Yeah, but I’m getting lazier by the day :) Well, not really lazier but I’m starting to outsource more and more.

  • Rakawi Ling says:

    Ouch, sometimes I wonder whats the point in doing stuff like this. They might gain from hijacking affiliate links, but canceling a web hosting account? What’s the point in doing that?

    Glad to hear you managed to sort it out :D

  • Lucky for me the hacker didnt do it for fun. Just wanted to steal some money. Negative points for his karma..

  • Haha, I’ll wait till 20k to ask John Chow to declare me a mogul :)

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